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Thread: Issue: Health Care: Ron Paul and Chiropractors

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    Default Issue: Health Care: Ron Paul and Chiropractors

    A few things about presidential candidate Ron Paul and his stance on

    "I do not like politics but I must say that Congressman Ron Paul,
    physician and republican candidate for president, supports the
    parent's right to make medical decisions. He has been an honorary
    member of Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines since the group's
    inception in 1994. I am the Director of Vaccine Research for that
    group and have respected Ron Paul because he is not afraid to take a
    stand for what is right. He does not agree with mandating vaccines and
    completely understands the risks to the American family." --Mary Tocco

    Dr. Paul introduced a bill to amend the Department of Veterans Affairs
    Health Care Programs Enhancement Act of 2001 to require the provision
    of chiropractic care and services to veterans at all Department of
    Veterans Affairs medical centers.

    Dr. Paul introduced a bill to allow access to truthful and
    understandable dietary supplement claims. HR 4004 - Health
    Information Independence Act - prevents the Federal Government from
    restricting the distribution of a dietary supplement or other
    nutritional food because the manufacturer makes health claims
    unapproved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) if: (1) the
    product has a label clearly stating that its health claims are not
    FDA-approved; (2) the FDA lacks evidence establishing probable cause
    that the claims contain misleading information posing a threat to the
    safety and well-being of those who use the product. Requires an
    independent review of a determination by the FDA that there is such
    probable cause.

    Rep. Ron Paul on FDA anti Complementary and Alternative
    "Medicine"(CAM) Guidance:
    "An abuse of FDA power..."
    By using the term "Medicine" rather than "Modality" for CAM
    practices, the FDA sets the stage so that anyone who is not a licensed
    physician is breaking the law by using these modalities since they are
    therefore 'practicing medicine without a license'.

    "Forced mental health screening is just the latest of many state
    usurpations of parental authority: compulsory education laws,
    politically-correct school curricula, mandatory vaccines, and
    interference with discipline through phony "social services" agencies
    all represent assaults on families." - U.S. Representative Ron Paul,

    During his medical career specializing in obstetrics/gynecology, he
    delivered more than 4,000 babies. He refused to accept payment by
    Medicare or Medicaid, preferring to not charge patients or to work out
    a cash payment.

    "When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us,
    we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies." - U.S.
    Representative Ron Paul, M.D.

    Learn more at:
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    Definition of political insanity: Voting for the same people expecting different results.

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    I was talking to my brother, who is a Chiropractor, yesterday about Ron Paul...he's a political novice so he didn't want to get too deep into any discussion about him since he likes to argue with me...and win. So when I mentioned that Ron Paul is a medical doctor he asked...well, what does Ron Paul think about Chiropractors? My brother was going to support Edwards in the last election until he heard that Edwards sued his Chiropractor for some frivolous claim.

    So I went and did a bit of research on Ron Paul and Chiropractic. Figured I'd share. may be asking...why would Ron Paul advocate putting chiropractors in veteran medical facilities when he's against big government...?
    He's a big supporter of the veterans and feels that they should get the proper care necessary for serving their country.

    I'd even go so far as to say they should have Chiropractors in the field. I was over in Iraq and I messed up my back bad...a chiropractor could have helped me tremendously, I was stuck lying on my back in my bed not able to move my head. I talked to the regular doctors and they said they could give me some pills to make the pain go away. They wouldn't have even had to been Army paid...just let them practice on base...I would've gladly paid.
    Definition of political insanity: Voting for the same people expecting different results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elwar View Post
    until he heard that Edwards sued his Chiropractor for some frivolous claim.
    Who hasn't Edwards sued in a frivolous claim? A bigot could not invent a more stereotypical lawyer.

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    Dr. Paul generally supports open choices for health care. He wouldn't want Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists and body workers to be restricted from performing their service by the government.
    If you want less oppressive government, quit trying to expand it.

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    Its too bad that some people view Chiropractors as some nonsense eastern medicine, when it was actually developed in the west and is proven to work. I was in involved in a car accident some months ago, and I was sent to a chiropractor, it works really works. I see them as being just as vital as nurses or other doctors in the military.

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