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Thread: Did the 1980 USA Hockey Quit? Did the 1969 Jets? Did the Rocky quit? TIME to GET PUMP

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    Did the 1980 USA Hockey Quit? Did the 1969 Jets? Did the Rocky quit? TIME to GET PUMP

    ED up!! After that 2nd place finish yesterday EVERYONE should be working harder as MORE and MORE people are asking themselves who is this RON PAUL guy, fact is he will lose existing supporters he will only gain MANY MANY more by the branding we are doing. Remember 9 short months ago 99% people did not even know who RON PAUL was they thought you meant Ru Paul. SO now that we are getting traction and McCain has all this crap hitting the tape on him we cannot stop now!! Thompson will be BYE BYE, so now is our chance to take it up even a higher notch!

    Tomorrow we must FUND FUND the MLK day!

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    Standing in 10 degree weather last night.... at a big basketball game here in Missouri.... 10 Ron Paul patriots stood in the bitter cold and handed out literature to those heading into the arena. The patriots of Valley Forge should be proud. Damn it was cold.
    Laugh Hard, Hang Tough, Lend a Hand
    -Ramblin Randy

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    The 2004 Red Sox didn't quit either...

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