Plus those Feb 5 states arent so pro bush and they are not pro war
Which it could shows something good for ron paul.

I am still not giving up on my hope just yet.

There are at least 2 more final debates and ron paul should and must attack \
John McCain and rommeny on there record.

And how can ron paul attack McCain,s war record?
thats easy

look at the my threads and some work i found some info on McCain and his record

quote from my thread on the artilce
Lest you’ve forgotten, it was McCain who, speaking on public television during the first month of the war, urged Clinton and NATO to bomb the Belgrade bridges, and kill the local residents who were guarding them with nothing but their lives (see “Senator McCain, Clinton's Pal and NATO War Hawk, Is No Hero,” S99-51, Day 31, Update 1, Item 4, Apr. 23, 1999) ''

So you see McCain doesn't want to kill the terrorists, he already supports a group known has the KLA or better known The Kosovo Liberation Army, who wants take away Kosovo from serbia.

as for how can ron paul attack mitt rommey in the 2 more upcoming debates if theres a second one. Well i think he should still play nice when ron paul does attack them on there record