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Thread: Chris Matthews (MSNBC's HARDBALL CLOWN) on TONIGHT SHOW w/Jay Leno... No RON PAUL

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    Chris Matthews (MSNBC's HARDBALL CLOWN) on TONIGHT SHOW w/Jay Leno... No RON PAUL

    Anyone catch his time with Jay last night?

    Mentioned every GOP candidate accept RON PAUL, even when Jay mentions RON, Matthews ignores the comment.

    You can watch the episode and view Chris Matthews BIASED praise for HILLARY and OBAMA... It's the Wednesday JAN 16th show to view
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    Well, it's becoming clearly obvious who all the Loyalists are.
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    The Love of God enfolds Us
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    and the Presence of God watches over Us
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    Too bad Jay didn't nail him down with something like "Lets back up for a second. I mentioned Ron Paul and you passed right by. Why is the MSM afraid to acknowledge Ron Paul. He was on my show and seems like a nice guy."

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    "This isn't partisan, but I think everybody here probably agrees...I feel this country is in a rut - a bad rut. We're stuck in a war that's been going on 4 or 5 years and never seems to have an ending to it. It's not about winning or losing - it's about getting home, ever!...We know as long as we stay over their, they are going to hate us more - we know that. That makes sense. If they were here, we'd hate them more. It looks like we're going to go to war with Iran - eventually - it's a matter of time."

    He thens go on to say, we need somebody who will "shake things up" and "deliver us from evil". Sometimes I feel like I'm delusional (seriously). I mean, these are smart people, right? So why is what is SO evident to me completely escape their grasp? Here, Matthews sounds like he's STUMPING for Ron Paul and can't seem to make the connection. I honestly just don't get it. No other candidate - on either side - is saying these things, yet...nothing.

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    I did want to add that whether he mentioned RP or not, the more people hear his message (and agree) the more they will gravitate toward our candidate, but it would have been nice to throw in a "and Ron Paul is the only guy talking about this stuff."

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    I wish Leno had made a point of asking why the media is avoiding the topic of Ron Paul.
    I have always like Chris Mathews and I would have liked to hear his explanation for the media.

    Leno mentioned Ron Paul once...and it was passed over but I'm not sure it was intentional.

    CM's talked about wanting change....I don't understand why he never brought up
    Ron Paul...even if he doesn't like someone he's usually up front with the good or bad he feels and says it.

    Makes me wonder if he was told not to talk about RP.

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    NBC CFR corporate member
    ABC " " "
    CBS " " "
    ATT "
    American Express "

    It is unreal..

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    I missed Chris Matthews on Jay Leno. But I just heard Matthews mention the Ron Paul revolution and they showed the blimp. He said he wondered how much that caused, then corrected himself quickly to "cost".

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    I really found it hard to think Chris Matthew's didn't like Ron Paul so I looked up some vids.

    It appears to me he does like him...which makes me really think he was told not to talk about him on Leno.

    In this first vid at the end Matthews says to Ron Paul..." I dare not say I am one of them." meaning a person who agrees with RP.

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    Leno: "Rudy got below Ron Paul in New Hampshire. How'd that happen?"
    Matthews: "Rope-a-dope!"

    That the Ron Paul mention everyone's talking about? I know Matthews didn't try to categorize Ron into one of the Iraqi groups like he did with the other candidates - which is a good thing, but yeah, he said the Republicans didn't have a "Reagan" yet.

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