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    I wanted to share my story about living in Nevada. Maybe this will represent a position felt by others living there. I recently moved away to North Carolina following the collapse of the housing market, in Reno, NV. My home sits vacated, after I was laid off from a job. So here is my story:

    I was a California transplant chasing low home prices and work, after an economic decline in California. I worked as management for most of the major hotels & casinos in Reno, NV. Upon moving to Nevada I learned that the work force is suppressed. They view their employers as absolute GODS, that will fire them immediately for going against the grain. In fact, most of the employees believed it was a "right-to-work" state and employers could in fact fire them for any reason. The employee had no idea this was actually an incorrect statement, so I corrected them and empowered them when I could.

    I was asked by my employers to do some things in employment that I believed violated the rights of employees, and was told if I didn't I would lose my job. I took note, and proceeded in a manner that would accomplish the end result, without violating any laws. This explains why I bounced around employer to employer so often, as the moral character of these companies did not match my own. You may wonder what I was asked to do:

    1.) Fire someone because they were old and slow.
    2.) Assist in training underage non licensed gaming employees to work in a gaming positions.
    3.) To not bring up that my boss allowed underage employees to drink alcohol with him, while on the clock, with employees on shifts I managed that I was responsible for.
    4.) To overlook that Housekeeping departments were being outsourced to companies where "illegals" were being hired, and given false identifications by those companies.
    5.) To overlook that Human Resource Departments were creatively subverting United States Code on hiring "exchange students" by systematically eliminating and laying off american employees, renaming the positions, creating altered work requirements that effectively did the same job as the eliminated positions.

    To make a long story short. I did try using the government to remedy some of these situations. The gaming commission investigated the incidents, and the police agencies said they had no jurisdiction over people serving alcohol to minors, they referred me to the gaming commision who referred me back to the police. I contacted the EEOC regarding the firing of an employee, and was told I needed proof and my statement alone would not prompt an investigation.

    I lost faith in government protecting our intrests at that point, resigned my position and moved away. If I'm paying taxes shouldn't these agenies bend over backwards to assist and not pawn me off to another agency. Most of the agencies I visited sat idle, 5 people in an office, talking to each other doing absolutely nothing.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that will put an end to this. Eliminate useless functions of the government and put the control back into the peoples hands, allowing them to hold their local governments, of which, they have access to responsible for correcting corruption in their community.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience and welcome

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