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Thread: Ignore Fox on MLK Day Jan 21

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    Cool Ignore Fox on MLK Day Jan 21

    One more thing to add to the list on Jan 21. Actually this won't require any effort or $$.

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    works for me. FoxNews is dead to me as far as i'm concerned.

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    I already don't even get them

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    Probably should title your thread in a better sounding manner.

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    I fixed my remote so that if i try and tune to Fux i get a nice electric shock. Works pretty!

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    One thing I do to help out. Whenever I enter the breakroom at work and see Fox on the TV I either change the channel or turn off the TV.

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    Your title may cause some sensational headlines! But i know what you meant

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    I haven't watched Fox News since the day they announced Ron Paul was out, and I never will again.

    If they're going to claim their network is fair and balanced, and they decide to only invite the top five candidates, they shouldn't leave out one of the top five candidates (fourth in actual votes, first in volunteers, first in 4th quarter fundraising.)
    Rand Paul is in the top 1% of US Senators.

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    I thought ignore Fox News day was every day...
    "No way could I be elected,
    because I'm not going to play the role of Santa Claus.
    I'm going to play the role of trying to tell people the truth."

    - Ron Paul

    Campaign For Liberty
    Free State Project

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    I have pledged I will never watch FOX News again; nor will I purchase anything or use the services of their sponsors.

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    FOX news has not been turned on in my house for weeks now....nor will I ever watch it again.

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    Didnt watch FOX anyway....Too fair, Too balanced!

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