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Thread: Electoral college bypass approved by 2nd state

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    Other nail in the coffin of the Republic.

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    There's a full scale attack on USA now, and it's domestic.

    People need to wake up and save your beutiful country!

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    Opponents say the plan threatens the nation's republican form of government and would give unstoppable control over the White House to any coalition the major population centers would choose to create.
    That's collectivist thinking with no basis in reality. The cities don't vote in giant blocs. Rather, they (like the rest of the country) are divided between Republicans, Democrats, etc. If you want to know what a national popular vote would do to presidential elections, you need only look at every such election in American history, save possibly that of 1888 (and Cleveland came back regardless). 1824 was a fluke because of the crowded field, 1876 was basically taken from Tilden thanks to a back-room deal, and 2000 owed to "butterfly ballots."

    The EC was originally intended as a body of men that would deliberate and cast their votes as individuals. Now, however, it's just a bizarre filter of the popular vote. It doesn't even benefit the small states that much, since those are usually just as partisan as the big ones (the key difference being the former are generally Republican and the latter Democrat). The swing states tend to be mid-sized or larger (Missouri, Ohio, Florida, etc.). Plus, the +2 EVs from the Senate are dwarfed by those from the House anyway.

    I think we should have a national popular vote, although we'd have to use something other than plurality voting. Maybe approval voting, maybe instant-runoff voting, but definitely not something that can let a candidate win with a popular minority. If we want to preserve the integrity of the federalist structure, there are far better ways to do it than by having a certain presidential election process. Perhaps abiding by the 10th Amendment would be a start...

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    For all we may not like it, technically they have committed no wrong. The Constitution gives each State the right to determine how their electors are chosen and pledged.

    All you can do is prevent it from happening in your state.

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