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Thread: Why isn't Ron Paul campaigning in SC this week?

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    Why isn't Ron Paul campaigning in SC this week?

    Are there any events at all scheduled in SC?

    Isn't the primary six days from now?

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    Michigan is next, on the 15th.

    The SC primary is on the 19th, along with Nevada's caucus (which I believe is their first ever caucus). The training videos I've watched led me to believe the campaign is focusing heavily on Nevada.

    Here's the full primary/caucus schedule:
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    hes in NV. But who says he wont be back? Broadway at the beach is holding a event on the 18th, where he had his post SC debate speech. It says representatives from the campaign will be there, maybe hes one of them?

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    nevada is a better opportunity for a victory because he only has to win one county there to really win the whole state.

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    He ought to be there. Needs to convince people he's electable...

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    If it makes you feel any better, he blew off going to MI before theres and it looks like he will blow off going to FL before ours too.

    We have to do our best to represent the message and name for him.

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