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Thread: urgent need to donate to SC TV ads NOW

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    Talking urgent need to donate to SC TV ads NOW

    Hi Everyone,

    With Romney pulling his SC time, the debate tonight, and a mass push in SC.

    We are needing to max out as fast as possible the 63k air time for SC and

    We need to flood the air waves next week with the new ad from Chuck Baldwin that will be the first to release.

    This is our chance to take back the conservative vote and launch ron back into the fore front.

    We only have this one shot....let do it!


    Tyler Sims
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    Please guys, these are really good ads. We need to air them in South Carolina!

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    Talking thanks for the compliment

    thankyou for the compliment.

    We wanted to do another on illegal immigration, economy, etc.

    But the Baldwin endorsement ad will make a difference.

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    Yes Baldwin is Hugh in SC and Fl and all over the South in the Christian Conservative Community and we need to get his endorsement lots of airtime
    Keep up the good work everyone, we all play a part; the world is watching and we are on stage!

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    hopefully we can get the airtime money we need.

    It would horrible to not flood SC with the money to get his message out...

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    Great ads!

    Do you have any anti war ads or no income tax ads?

    Are you doing this in michigan too?

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    Gen. George Washington during the first American Revolution:
    "We can't guarantee victory, but we can deserve it."

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    good question

    Quote Originally Posted by Molly1 View Post
    Great ads!

    Do you have any anti war ads or no income tax ads?

    Are you doing this in michigan too?
    good question...we were waiting on eliberty but they had some legal troubles on releaseing the ad. We hoped to back them so we didnt do it.

    But totally agreed with the ad. Likewise on the economy(middle class, taxes, tax breaks(teachers, tips), seniors and the third rail champion ron)

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