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Thread: Look HERE if you are planning to target older voters

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    Default Look HERE if you are planning to target older voters

    Go to page 8.

    LATEST SURVEY HERE, JAN 2! The older voters do not EVEN know Dr. Paul!

    Healthcare is a top issue for older voters. With all the negative economic news of late, they are also highly concerned with the economy and specifically, how it will impact their ability to afford what they need - and what they worry about needing is healthcare. See how it fits together?

    Emphasize Dr. Paul is a PHYSICIAN when talking about him to older voters, as another AARP survey (last month or so?) showed that something like 80% of them TRUST DOCTORS. Use that to your advantage.

    Also explain that Dr. Paul understands the impact of economic problems on older americans - mention that he's 72.

    Explain that Dr. Paul knows that real inflation is at around 10% and when the gov't gives them a COLA increase of 2%, it means they're running through their savings at an alarming rate, and that he is very concerned about this situation. If you are able to have your laptop with you and want to show them some video, my suggestion would be segments of interviews where Ron explains this issue himself. Older voters will want to know more once they see that he UNDERSTANDS this issue and actually speaks about it in honest terms.
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    If you bring up his views on health care also explain that rather than have someone pay him with Medicare money he'd give them treatment free of charge. I think that will get a lot of people to like him.

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