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Thread: lessons from Nh

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    lessons from Nh

    I was on the streets in NH and there were 2 problems. electability and preference.
    Especially the older people were saying things like, "I love him but he cant win," and "hes my number two, he can be mcCain's VP." So we now have to change our course. First of all we ethos wins, look at the bounce Hillary got from crying... So we have to hit voters from an emotional angle. KNOW THE OTHER CANDIDATES PLANS FOR IRAQ... "Do you even know what Obama/Romney/McCain/Clinton's plan for Iraq is? He wants the troops to stay there until..." It is time for the grassroots to get negative on the other candidates because HQ wont. Know what the council on Foreign Relations is, Know what it means for these people to sit on it. know what the Military Industrial complex is, tell them that one of histories greatest Republicans Dwight Eisenhower warned us about it, when you tell people about RP use these issues and the negatives about other candidates as a foil, other campaigns are not above this stuff so why are we? it does not take long to learn and understand these issues and remind people that unelectability is a self fulfilling prophecy and there are at least 15 other people on their block who are voting for Ron Paul, EVEN IF ITS A LIE

    I now move on to massachusetts Nh is over and we have to focus on our home turf, dont let the establishment candidates win in your backyard, but remember, youre now playing to the Republican base, so easy on the conspiracy stuff and if they are older invoke the names of Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, and barry Goldwater Jr. as much as possible, lets not repeat what happenned in NH.

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    im going to have to agree with go negative.

    last night I was at bowling league which I totally forgot about until the last minute. when CNN projected McCain to win, I said out loud in a very mixed crowd of young and old, "Man! To Hell with that guy! He said he would keep us in Iraq for 100 years! Why would any informed voter even consider him to be a viable candidate!"

    Notice did not mention Dr. Paul. Then to my utter surprise, the group of oldies sitting around me started talking about Dr. Paul's foreign policy positions.

    So yeah, gonna have to say go negative BUT WITHOUT MENTIONING DR. PAUL!

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    Go Negative, yes.

    But go negative on the issues, NOT ON THE PERSON.

    People are tired of republicans and the smear campaign. They'll vote democrat just to not have to deal with Karl Rove and crew.

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