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Thread: WV Gazette publishes my letter to the editor about Dr. Paul

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    Default WV Gazette publishes my letter to the editor about Dr. Paul

    'Candidate will restore Freedoms'

    I couldn’t believe George Bush’s comments on July 4 comparing the Iraq war to the Founding Fathers’ fighting for independence. The French didn’t stick around building permanent military bases, or attempt to dictate the type of government we would have.

    1776 brought about new rights and liberties for all Americans, while the “War on Terror” has destroyed those very rights the founders fought and died for. The Patriot Act has not stopped terror; it has only created more abuses of power by the federal government.

    One candidate in 2008 has a message of ending the notion of “pre-emptive war” and restoring our civil liberties and our Constitution, and that candidate is Ron Paul.

    He is not antiwar, just anti-pre-emptive war. Far from being a peace hippie, he supported the war in Afghanistan and even introduced legislation to issue a “Letter of Marque” for the capture of Bin Laden.

    He is the strongest supporter of our Second Amendment rights, voting against federal restriction on gun ownership. But most importantly and most impressively, he does not take donations from corporate or special-interest groups.

    No puppet-masters; just you, me and the Constitution.

    Larry White

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    350,000 readers in WV for the Sunday Gazette.

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    VERY well written. Kudos to you.
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    That will be effective. ""Kudos
    and one big mahalo from the middle of the ocean

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    Let me echo the kudos you've already received. Great point about the French and the Revolutionary War!

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    nicely done - think I will forward to my network as a sample LTE and suggest a few more . . .

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    And now Huntington Dispatch printed it:

    Around 50,000 circulation thru the week.

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    Thanks for posting this and taking the time to write your letter.
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    Spot on.
    Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel
    Is just the freight train coming your way
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    Here comes!

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    Hiya Larry. Nice work, man! You should come hang out with us up here some time, we haven't met, but my crew and I are planning a lot of stuff that will really make things better in this state!

    I'd also like to talk to you about the WV GOP Convention.
    mdh - mdh (at) lpwv (dot) org
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    Pardon my ignorance. What's an MDH?

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    Spoken like a true Mountaineer!

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