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Thread: We need to increase strategy. Dr. Paul has provided the key...

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    Default We need to increase strategy. Dr. Paul has provided the key...

    This is a campaign/movement in a realm where ideas alone are trumped by money and incentives. This time the Establishment has deployed sociological tactics on top of the rest of their imperialistc pro-empire propaganda machine.

    With their smear campaign and neverending "long shot" rhetoric we need a boost, a way to reach further into common America. Most people don't even watch the news, and most who adhere to it also adhere to their political/sociological biases. It's important to note that he's been gaining name recognition but the Establishment -both GOP & DEM- are attaching negativity to said recognition. It's important to recognize that people are beginning to pick their sides, and the further they go into it the harder it becomes to bring them back.

    Now the results of these last 3 states have "proven" that the polls are "accurate". We're running out of time. If anybody has a strategy for direct rapid ideological infection beyond what we've all been doing I'd like to hear it.

    Dr. Paul has provided us with a secret weapon -besides his "quack" message- that the other campaigns have no equivalent of:
    No Tax On Tips

    If half of the current 94,250 Meetup activists deployed to every tips-based establishment within a 2-10 mile radius of their home we would have rapid infection across the entire map. You can spend a day going door to door and speak maybe 1/10 of the people, and in each individual case they might not ever mention it to anyone and forget all about it after a few days. You infect an entire workplace and the ideas wont die out within 3 minutes of you walking away from their door and they sit back in front of the TV. Social groups is the way to go. Its the basis of momentum and at this moment we're losing momentum.

    Late last year RP provided us with the ultimate tool, and time has been begging for the mass of the grass roots movement to realize and adopt this strategy. I'm convinced this was RP's intention:

    Make bundles of No Tax On Tips leaflets -along with some added materials- and simply walk into places where the employees make tips and drop them off in a matter of minutes.

    Q: I already knew about No Taxes On Tips, so what?
    A: Fine, but have you made it a priority to deliberately visit all local establishments and drop off care packages?

    The immediate effects are from talking to one or more employees (hostess and present waitresses for example) just long enough to sell the concept and hand off the materials can cause a major buzz in an entire workplace overnight.

    This will translate into friends and family of those touched learning about RP, ad infinitum. But it gets better... many of the typical places where the employees make tips are social atmospheres, where they typically even have regular customers, and things like even politics get brought up.

    Origin of title: During WW2 the O.S.S. (CIA precursor) operated what they called "Freedom Stations" in enemy territory. Freedom stations were basically disguised propaganda outlets that they covertly performed tasks such as operating pirate radio stations and distributing leaflets. Propaganda is the science of persuasion (and/or diversion), so dont take my realist terminology in the wrong way (political bumper stickers and lawn signs are in fact pieces of 'propaganda').

    Some typical places where tips are involved:
    Barber Shops (You might leave stacks of slim jims etc in the lobby's where people often look for things to read while wating)
    Casino Dealers
    Taxi (Stop by the taxi garage where they all meet / park)
    Adult Establishments
    Delivery (Pizza, etc)

    Then including more common methods -like in aparment complex mailrooms- other 'stations' can be setup:

    Many of these locations can become de facto 'propaganda' outlets.

    The Selling Script is simple:
    Inform them that Dr. Paul seeks the public help in persuading the Congress to allow him to phase out the IRS completely. No Tax On Tips is the slippery-slope first step. Mention that cutting income taxes would set the Federal governments income levels to that of about 10 years ago, and that Federal Income Taxes dont even really pay for the roads but instead the $9Trillion national debt (that no other candidate is really making a big deal out of). Said national debt scheme allows all of the runaway spending, etc.

    If you can carry on also point out that the Federal Reserve is privately owned and last year they stole about 13% of the value of our money thru inflation (and only RP will mention it). If you can explain the FR well that is. I hope all can, that's the biggest selling point all of perhaps. Cant offend anybody like if mentioning American Empire.

    Handout Materials:

    Apartment Complex Mailrooms/etc:




    Lets make this happen
    -Repost this wherever you would as well as in mulitple Meetup groups. It allows 3 non-local Meetup postings per day).
    -Use for success.

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    SO anyone have a better idea for shift in groundlevel strategy????

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    Huckabee is going to take this idea and say hes the only republican thats doing this. watch out.

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    He doesnt have the No Taxes on Tips Act of 2007 legislation introduced into Congress. He doesnt have the ground troops like we do... if we can just mobilize them we could literally reach a serious percentage of all US service/tips based locations of employment in roughly 1 week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ignoranceisntbliss View Post
    SO anyone have a better idea for shift in groundlevel strategy????

    Matthew Chapters 23 + 24

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    we need to regroup and focus....need to find out population demographics of the area to be targeted and hit them hard.....if repub then anti abortion and limited government.....If liberals then civil liberties and Iraq (foreign policy).......also depending on areas like nevada and border areas the immigration issue.....

    so the key is first pick a demographic to target and then choose which to hit ....then pound pound pound till they are forced to know the positions and the message....

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    The man's got a point.

    Theory on the role of government is lovely, but we need some of the sheeple to vote too. Sell them on simple, concrete policies, not drawn-out debates of philosophy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Pedersen View Post
    Not a better idea. Any idea which uses only 1 in every 1000 of us is not a good idea. We need to use the fact that our supporters are _all_ willing to help out, as opposed to theirs, who mostly just show up and vote.
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    I couldn't finish reading the whole thing but that is exactly what I was thinking about. We need to start talking about specific points in our signs and everything else. This will help a lot!!

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    Anyone have anything to add?

    Anyone a whiz at Google Maps/Earth and/or MSN-LiveEarth that could figure out ways meetups could effectively display area locations and then 'check' them off?

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    BLIMP since everybody is in here anyways

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    Quote Originally Posted by ignoranceisntbliss View Post
    This is a campaign/movement in a realm where ideas alone are trumped by money and incentives.
    We're working on several that I can't reveal right now.
    More later.


    p.s. YES!!! The 'Tax Free Tips' was a HUGE avenue of spreading
    Dr. Pauls message up here in New Hampshire... Easiest to give a
    way too.
    Here's a very advanced, stealthy, yet simple way to spread the word of freedom, peace, prosperity and Dr. Paul!

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    Great idea. You have to catch their attention in 2 seconds or you will lose it entirely.

    Forgot to add...would "Did you know 30% of your tip money goes to the government?" Might work for customers.
    Stay focused on positive fund raising ideas.
    Remind folks to register and actually vote in the primaries. Their support is great, their vote is what counts.

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