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Thread: If you agree, modify wikipedia

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    If you agree, modify wikipedia

    Please try not to be biased. But as anti-RP people (very biased) are currently distorting the matter, if you agree with the following statement, please register an account and try to revert the article to the pre-TNR status

    ==Reverted to previous, pre TNR article version==
    - The TNR article does not bring anything "new," into the debate in terms of race. They cite more articles, sure, and they are certainly politically correct. But all of the racist quotations with Paul's name on it are from "the newsletter," (involving the fired ghost writer) are not actually racist, but merely refer to the alleged extramarital affairs and plagiarism of Martin Luther King Jr. (in a tone that, lamentably, shows no respect for the courage and amazing work for liberty that king did).
    - Others praise David Duke for his views on the economy, yet criticize his racist past, though saying people can change. Remember, Duke (fraudulently) was claiming to have renounced racism at the time. (2) If anyone is interested in what he was saying when he ran, see this video.
    - Paul also refers to segregation as "evil," in one of the newsletters.
    - Please read the newsletters for yourselves, in their entiriety, before passing judgment on the matter. Especially in such a politically sensitive day as today, we cannot afford to put out inaccurate information.
    - Also, read Lew Rockwell'ss link below for the secession thing. (3)
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