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Thread: Anyone listen to Larry Elder?

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    Anyone listen to Larry Elder?

    I don't hear him anymore. But used to listen. Even e-mailed him one time, must have been 1 1/2 yrs. ago. Actually mentioned Ron Paul in the e-mail and he responded positively.

    In foreign policy, he really went neo-con (like the others). But often would have some very reasonable libertarian discussion on economic and domestic issues.

    Just wondering if he's had anything to say about the campaign. Thought I'd ask here, to get your take.

    In addition, California is an area which for some reason I don't hear much about in terms of the Ron Paul movement. Might be just because I haven't looked. So much emphasis placed on the early primary states and in my own hometown. I really haven't kept up with whats happening on the west coast. Think that Southern California and the Bay Area would be fertile territory.
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