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Thread: Happy news . . . well, if you're willing to be happy

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    Happy news . . . well, if you're willing to be happy

    The other night while looking through members of a local meetup group, I happened upon the profile of a woman from my workplace.

    It was cool to stumble across, and when I got in the next morning, she'd sent me an email asking if I was the same guy in a profile she had read on the meetup.

    We both comiserated about not having more Paul supporters here, then this morning, she emailed me that she'd encountered another guy who works here that had a massive Ron Paul graphic across his back windshield.

    She told him to get in touch with me, and he did -- and he copied another 4 people from my job, then a couple of them also added another one or two to the list. Some of these folks are pretty involved in sign-making / waving and seem to be the real deal.

    Anyway, so I started this week knowing no other supporters at my job, and now suddenly there are at least 10 (including me).

    It's got me happy.

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    It must be a big place. That is great though.
    We are the Sons Of Liberty Welcome to the Revolution.

    “We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, and over-regulated, and over-run by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with.”
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    Yeah, about 1,200. I've known, of course, that there had to be more, and I'm sure there are many more still out there.

    Good to not feel like the only one, though.

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    Thanks. This whole forum is about negative stuff today. No matter how much we know about the stuff, constantly reading it is a downer, and calling attention to it is extending it. Nice to read a positive!

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    You should start a meetup group dedicated to that place of buisness and try to get more people

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    Negativity is ignorance, and ignorance is your own personal tyranny. It tells you how to act, how to talk, how to think, and what to feel. You will never see a world without tyrants until you release your own. ~Honored to be Among You

    How does Ron stay so calm?

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