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Thread: Astrology: Charting the Rise of Ron Paul

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    As Eric Fehrnstrom is senior advisor (Sun) and communications director (Mercury) the timing of this etch-a-sketch truthbomb was on track with transits to the Romney Campaign chart. There is still high probability of more exposure of dysfunction and deception and general 'health issues' of the Romney organization and the GOP and will track them as they show up.

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    I'm passing up tracking the next April 3 primary election dates since win/loss predictions don't translate well from an archetypal perspective. The moneybomb date is a good indicator of the efficacy of the RP Campaign chart and has so far shown to be accurate enough. April 15-17 looks to be a good time frame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skytoucher View Post
    It would be sweet if someone from the campaign could ask RP if he knew his time of birth.
    see post 17 -- I found this reply on an article.

    granny miller
    posted October 16, 2007 at 7:10 pm
    Hi Lynn Ė
    Ron Paulís name came up today on another Forum.
    I meet Congressman & Mrs. Paul in Pittsburgh this past August and had an opportunity to ask for exact time of birth.
    It is unknown.
    I got the impression from Mrs. Paul that he was born at home & not much notice was made.

    I rectified his chart and have a birth time of 7:45 a.m. August 20, 1935.
    It seems to work very well

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    Here is a natal chart of RP for the birth time of 7:45 a.m. August 20, 1935 in Green Tree, PA. Green Tree is a borough of Pittsburgh.

    The picture was from an RPF'er who went to the UCLA rally (thank you) with some touching up to background.

    No notes for this chart, just want to display it for now as a tribute to RP with the condition that one needs to be aware that there are other very special people (ie parents, siblings, friends and wife Carol) who are deserving of their own charts and in their importance and influence towards RP.

    In addition to the two luminaries (Sun and Moon) and the 8 solar system planets, included are the 4 Asteroid Goddesses (Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, Juno) which are of the asteroid belt region, and the 3 Centaur Asteroids (Chiron, Pholus, Nessus) which have unique resonant orbits that bridge Saturn to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto respectively. In simple terms they bridge inner planets to the outer planets and are important during this transitional time of spiritual revolution, personally, transpersonally and collectively. More research needed to understand their effects, esp the later two Centaurs.

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    My attempt to predict some patterns in the Romney Campaign chart.

    I see a 'Mittens Meltdown' from just observing him and the polls and how the Obama surrogates and some militant left types are going to help expose the true colors of the GOP/Romney fraudulence and corruption. The major Uranus/Pluto transits occurring from jjune 24, 2012 to March 17, 2015 is all about revolution, upheaval and transformation so RP's campaign momentum is going to get stronger.

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    The notes in the above chart about the Mercury transit indicating evidence and legal action ARE taking effect based on today's post by this RPfer who served the State of Wisconsin. There's also the 'subsandwich bribe' incident in Wisconsin that is being investigated with possible proof of legal action taking effect soon.

    Will Happily Speak with Mr. Swann, if No One Else Can

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler_Durden View Post
    I have been reading these google docs on algorithmic vote flipping. Is this one person who has put all of this together? I know you all have ways of getting the word out... please have the originator of these charts contact via email"

    Note: just served the State of Wisconsin by process server with a 30-page document regarding the algorithmic vote flipping data, with emphasis on anomalies in Dane County, plus a complaint about being forced out of a Milwaukee polling building while doing an exit poll. Included in the complaint are reports by the Waukesha County Clerk that ballots were thrown away from the April 3rd primary, with up to a 10% loss. This is all served as of today and tomorrow. Overseas, now, but would be happy to talk to him: put me in touch,

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    It looks like Ben Swann will soon break this open along with a slew of coordinated class action suits in several states that have primaried. This all is very timely as the transits and progressions indicate. I'm no soothsayer...I just interpret what is there in the chart. It's similar to weather forecasting based on the more comprehensive and clear perspective of satellite images of weather patterns. You can see the patterns developing and where they are tracking.

    April 26 Update

    Many events were consistent with Mercury's transit through the 7th House during the above dates, 4/16 -4/24.

    7th House themes were played out during this periiod ie:

    public relations -- ABC Diane Sawyer interview, Hannity interview, Cookiegate/Bethel Bakery, press conference with Rubio
    open public attacks with an adversary - 'silverspoon', 'dog fight', releasing tax records challenge from Obama, Liberty University blowback
    matters involving a partner - seeking a VP running mate, getting wife Ann involved in campaign which may stress her MS condition,
    partnership with the RNC made public
    being psychologically judged - MSNBC's Larry O'Donnell and Ed Schultz psychoanalyze the Mitt's weird behavior, Wash Post columnist Richard Cohen writes about Mitt's lying ways
    public judgement - the poor Poll results vs Obama regarding Youth, Women, and Hispanic voters and followup punditry talk

    Upcoming events in Romney Campaign chart:

    Apr 27 - transit Mercury opposes Saturn - possible reality check, truthbomb event regarding GOP alliance
    Apr 30 - transit Venus crosses Midheaven (MC), May 4 - transit Venus conjunct Moon and square Ascendent, May 5 - transit Venus conjunct Moon Node - issues with women, siblings (ie sister who is a Democrat), partnerships (Ann, RNC and VP), public perception of money and wealth disconnect with people becomes more acute
    May 1 - transit Mars opposes Chiron - an underhanded and negative campaign behavior event exposed
    May 5/6 - transit Uranus square Pluto and full Moon event - prime time for major exposure of criminal/unethical behavior and consequent legal action

    (May 1 through May 5 - In Romney's personal chart transit Mars makes stress aspects to Nodes and natal Mars - anger and aggression and showing the stress of being under microscope)

    The RP Campaign chart:

    From post #122 the RP Campaign chart has the progressed Moon Reality Check event actually starting Apr 27/28 which also coincides with transit Mercury opposing Saturn for those days - time to restructure and reset with serious goals, time to take the gloves off when taking on the establishment

    Apr 30 - May 1 - transit Venus crosses the Ascendent - social, media, financial attraction and abundance (fund raising), the Liberty message gets more attention - favorable women influence
    May 9/10 - transit Jupiter conjunct Sun - day after primaries and time to expand goals and shake up the status quo within the campaign staff - bring in new blood or ideas via the influential donors ie Nasim Taleb, Mark Spitznagel, etc.
    May 9 through May 15 - the Jupiter transit is acute as it makes Sun conjunction and square to MC/IC axis May 15 - time for major legal action against Romney/GOP, prime time for major expansion and restructure of campaign personnel and network, lead up to Moneybomb on May 17
    May 15 - transit Uranus square Pluto - this plays into the Jupiter phase with extra emphasis of major delegate action and legal ramifications, collective (Campaign and grassroots) aggressive effort to push back at the political power structures ie media, GOP.
    Uranus is the Revolution planet/archetype so big emphasis of this.
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    When the "beauty contests" are over, the best looking candidates can start to count delegates? It's down the 2 good looking candidates now. I feel vindicated that I thought it was always gonna be Romney vs Paul. Although I began to feel very discontent with Santorum. And on up into the disgusted emotion as I felt I should look at Santorum and study his horoscope too, I'm content again now that he's gone, and strikingly Gingrich said he's quitting the race.

    This is what the MSM says and hopes we believe:
    Romney wins five more contests, Paul grabs a few delegates

    But as much as the media wants you to believe you live in a democracy, you don't. Repulic=delegates. It's not just a few delegates, there is a gross distortion being perpetrated by the MSM. For example Iowa was not settled Jan 3 when Romney was declared the winner.

    Nothing sums up this weekend’s surprise results like Rachel Maddow’s on-air announcement on MSNBC, “I think Ron Paul just won Iowa.”
    Can we call this the turning point?
    With transit Chiron conjunct Descendant! Right on schedule!

    These are must reads.
    Ron Paul Wins in Iowa and Minnesota, Romney in a Panic
    By Doug Wead

    Ron Paul supporters surged to victory in yesterday’s Minnesota and Iowa district conventions, dominating the process and picking up more delegates to the Republican National Convention. As reported last week, a number of Romney Hawks are now deeply concerned that Ron Paul has already laid the groundwork for similar success in six more caucus states.

    Yesterday’s results for Ron Paul will only increase the influence of Hawks inside the Mitt Romney camp.

    Romney advisers are concerned that the rising total of Ron Paul delegates will lead to an unmanageable RNC. Some observers felt that the 1992 convention hurt an incumbent president George H. W. Bush and was a factor in his loss to Bill Clinton.

    In most states, victories at the district conventions decide who will move onto the state conventions where most of the delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa will be selected.

    The rules in Minnesota are slightly different and some of those final delegates were actually selected at scattered district conventions yesterday. Reports from our own Marianne Stebbins in Minnesota show that Ron Paul now has 20 out of the 24 delegates already chosen to represent the state at the Republican National Convention in Tampa and the campaign is poised to do just as good at the upcoming state convention, May 18-19, when the final 13 will be chosen.

    In Iowa, Jennifer Jacobs, a reporter for the Des Moines Resister, broke into open what had been our little secret, namely, the takeover of the GOP in Iowa. “A rising tide of Republicans who share Ron Paul’s philosophy of limited government are flooding into GOP party roles in Iowa,” Jennifer wrote, reporting on yesterdays Iowa district conventions.

    Actually, it is a phenomenon seen all across the country. It is viewed by many political observers as the biggest transformation of the Republican Party since 1988, when evangelical Christians joined the process and dominated state positions for a whole generation.

    While the Iowa Ron Paul campaign is keeping its cards close to the vest, we all got a sneak peak from an the Des Moines Register story which reported that six of the new Iowa GOP state central committee members elected Saturday have publicly expressed support for Ron Paul. Joes Kurtinitis, Kris Thiessen, Dave Cushman, Jeff Shipley, John Kabitzke and Marcus Fedler. “Two more,” Jennifer Jacobs reports, “have close ties.” The new state chairman is also a Ron Paul supporter, who served as a co-chairman for the congressman’s Iowa state organization.

    The Iowa state GOP convention is set for Jun 16, 2012.

    Meanwhile, the sleepy New York Times has posted for five months and still posts, even today, that the total delegate count for Ron Paul in Iowa is one. They say that the total delegate count for Ron Paul in Minnesota is nine. In fact, Ron Paul supporters will now dominate both state conventions. And the same trend is ongoing in states across the country.

    This link has the referenced Rachel Maddow bit
    April 24, 2012. Des Moines. Two networks yesterday, CNBC and MSNBC, broadcast a little known fact – Ron Paul appears to be winning the Republican nomination for President. When the popular Texas Congressman repeatedly assured supporters that the race was about delegates, not beauty contests, he apparently knew what he was talking about. Now, after three more states locked in delegates to the GOP nominating convention – CO, MN and IA – indicators point to a brokered convention with a possible, even probable, Ron Paul victory.

    Mitt Romney in a panic

    The only report announcing the news of another Paul victory yesterday was the Doug Wead Blog. That write-up, which included the headline, ‘Romney in a Panic’, was picked-up and reprinted by a number of independent news outlets like RT News and The Daily Paul. Wead’s conclusion is based on a number of factors. First and foremost, Ron Paul continues to win more delegates than Mitt Romney during each state’s respective slating processes. Additionally, the writer points to drastic, last-minute changes to GOP procedure showing an attempt to limit the Paul vote. Some measures include a new poll tax in Washington and robo-calls in New York telling Republican voters that only Mitt Romney remains in the race.

    What has the GOP power-brokers and their candidate in such a panic? In three short words – Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa.

    Keep in mind that every major US news outlet continues to show Texas Congressman Ron Paul in last place for the GOP nomination and with only 75 delegates. View Politico's delegate tracker as an example. They show Rep. Paul winning 3 delegates in Colorado, 17 in Minnesota and 1 in Iowa. Those networks however, have based their numbers on which candidate each state’s delegates are pledged or likely to vote for. The more important number is who they actually do vote for. And in that race, the only race that matters, Ron Paul is shocking the political world.


    As reported by this author last week in the article, ‘Colo, Minn, GOP Delegates chosen – Paul Strategy Working’, the local Colorado Ron Paul campaign teamed up with the remnants of former candidate Rick Santorum’s supporters. Together, they created a fusion slate of delegates to take on front-runner Mitt Romney and throw their collective voting power behind the last challenger remaining, Ron Paul.

    Last week, the Paul campaign sent out a press release quoting the Denver Post’s headline proclaiming, ‘Stunning Upset’. The Post was referring to Congressman Paul’s delegate haul in the state party’s selection process. More importantly, the Colorado selection was the first to be conducted since former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum dropped out of the race, leaving it to the final two men standing – Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

    The result, and a possible indicator of things to come, was Colorado Republicans refusing to give Mitt Romney even half their state’s voting delegates. If that trend continues, Mitt Romney cannot mathematically reach the needed 1,144 delegates, at least not on the first ballot.

    This author pointed out last week that most of the national media, as well as the Colorado GOP, refuse to acknowledge Rep. Paul’s delegates in Colorado. The state party simply calls Paul’s delegates, “unpledged”. As the Paul campaign, as well as a small handful of other publications pointed out – Ron Paul actually took home 12 Colorado delegates, compared to 16 for Mitt Romney and 8 for Rick Santorum. Together, the anti-Romney delegates outnumber Romney’s 20 to 16.


    The independent-leaning state of Minnesota was one that many thought Ron Paul might win outright. While the candidate didn’t win the “beauty contest” as Paul calls it, the libertarian conservative is cleaning up with regard to delegates. Minnesota’s delegate selection process is one of those that happens over the course of a few weeks and occurs locally, as Ron Paul puts it, “one precinct at a time, one delegate at a time.”

    A few days ago, the Paul campaign and this author both announced the candidate’s surprise delegate haul in Minnesota. At the time, three major Congressional districts locked in their delegates and Ron Paul carried all three. In the excited words of the candidate himself, Ron Paul exclaimed, “Have you heard the news yet? Yesterday, Minnesota held three district conventions. Our campaign swept all three – winning nine delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.” Again, read this author’s April 16th column titled, ‘Colo, Minn, GOP Delegates chosen, Paul Strategy Working’ for more information.

    Now, just a few days later and with another block of Minnesota GOP delegates being chosen, Ron Paul has guaranteed himself a victory in the state. As confirmed by Rachel Maddow last night and by Ron Paul himself while he was the special guest host of CNBC in the morning, Ron Paul has already locked in 20 of the state’s 40 delegates. 16 of those 40 still remain to be chosen and will be awarded over the coming days. As Paul announced yesterday, and Maddow confirmed last night, 24 Minnesota delegates were chosen through this weekend and 20 of them are Ron Paul’s.


    In the most stunning and unbelievable example of the Republican Party’s dysfunctional Presidential nominating process this year, the state of Iowa now has its third official winner. As humorously noted last night by Maddow, Newt Gingrich is the only candidate not to have won Iowa.

    First, Mitt Romney was forced into the winner’s circle in a crazed, midnight, backroom announcement, even though the votes didn’t warrant it. Whiteout Press was one of the only media outlets in the nation to write about the faulty vote totals and was vindicated two weeks later when the Iowa GOP reversed its decision and awarded the victory in Iowa to Rick Santorum. Read the Whiteout Press article 'Sandorum Won Iowa and didn't say Black' predicting the reversal two weeks before the Iowa GOP reversed its ruling. As a result of the fiasco, the Iowa Republican state chairman resigned. Read the article, ‘Midnight Chaos at Iowa Caucus’ for election night details.

    Nothing sums up this weekend’s surprise results like Rachel Maddow’s on-air announcement on MSNBC, “I think Ron Paul just won Iowa.”

    The left-leaning political anchor was referring to this weekend’s official awarding of Iowa GOP delegates to the party’s national nominating convention. While the state party has yet to post the results or make any announcement, the results are trickling out on their own, including the Paul campaign and on-air comments on CNBC and MSNBC. Those results show Ron Paul winning the most Iowa GOP delegates, including the new Iowa state party Chairmanship.

    Iowa has 28 total delegates to the GOP nominating convention. The national media still shows Ron Paul with only 1 Iowa delegate however. Watch closely over the coming days as the state party quietly changes its totals to show Ron Paul going from 1 delegate to 14 - a full 50 percent of the state’s entire delegation to the nominating convention. And again, many of the remaining delegates are party leaders, elected officials and other super delegates who have yet to assign their votes.

    Romney in trouble

    The only good news for Mitt Romney is that Iowa, Minnesota and Colorado weren’t the former Governor’s strongest states to begin with. And while the Romney campaign may not be in “panic” mode just yet as some independent reports are suggesting, the candidate and his establishment backers must be concerned. With Mitt Romney failing to capture even half of the delegates from these initial states, he is on course to fight it out for the party nomination at a brokered convention this summer.

    The Warren Harding lesson

    Many political observers, not just within the Ron Paul campaign, are calling the Texas Congressman’s nomination plan the ‘Harding Strategy’. Referring to the 1920 Republican nominating convention held in Chicago, Warren Harding was at the bottom of a list of 12 potential GOP nominees. Unable to unite behind one candidate during the primary process, the delegates were forced into a brokered convention.

    Through the first 6 rounds of delegate voting, Harding didn’t even finish in the top three during any of the votes. But by the 10th vote, Warren Harding walked away with the Republican nomination. He went on to win the general election and become President.

    While many political analysts are calling Ron Paul’s current journey a mirror image of Harding’s 1920 trek, others aren’t quite convinced. As the Paul campaign itself continues to point out, only half of the states have voted so far. Nothing’s been decided yet. If nothing else, just when the Republican leadership and the national media have proclaimed Mitt Romney the GOP nominee, Ron Paul’s string of delegate victories this week may force them to do what they were forced to do in Iowa – admit they’re wrong.

    Whether or not the Texas Congressman can duplicate Warren Harding’s stunning upset on the way to the White House is another question. But if delegate selections continue on the course they’re on, Mitt Romney will not have enough delegates to win the nomination outright. If that turns out to be the case and the GOP heads into a brokered convention, Ron Paul may have the party right where he wants it. A brokered convention has been his strategy all along.

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    An update was made to post #126 with more detail of upcoming short term events.

    I think a series of turning points are going to happen as the RP Campaign holds steady and firm while the Mittens Meltdown takes effect in the physical and archetypal sense. We're at the cusp of the Aquarian Age or a 'Global Spiritual Shift' with the first of seven unprecedented Uranus/Pluto squares taking place on June 24 whereby a high degree of transformation and transparency is probable.

    Here is my version of a graph of this series of square transits using a hypothetical relative percent of intensity/change over time. Think in terms of last year's events ie Arab Spring and OWS as around the 40% range of intensity. The separation period (blue dates) may be a time of settling down and integrating but still very active and shortlived. Hardly enough time to catch one's breath.

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    Default,_2012#Prim ary_schedule

    This is my attempt to zip together and sort all the dates from this table of the future voting at all the levels

    AL: State.At-Large
    CD: Congressional District


    note: Kentucky CD is before Kentucky? is this full of errors
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    Louisiana caucusing today. Rumors of the results filtering down early are suggesting Ron Paul is getting 4 1/2 of 6 districts. A happy day for Ron Paul with transit Jupiter seperating just 1/3 of a degree orb from conjunct his Moon. [You may attain greater social status and greater popularity]

    Submitted by 2012R3V0LUT10N on Sat, 04/28/2012 - 22:43.
    111/150 state delegates 61/72 alternates June 2nd State convention Louisianna We Will Dominate the floor!
    And We just took over the Alaskan GOP

    video results:
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    Default The age of Aquarius

    You know i really do think we are entering the new age. If you follow what is going on technologically with the internet, nanotechnology, robotics. The internet its self is very Aquarian in nature. Machine learning is growing at a fantastic rate. Check out MIT Leonardo (robot). Advanced LTE networks boast wireless ISP's that can offer download rates of over 60 mbits in the near future. And the Japanese are creating robots that are so life like that they appear to be real humans

    Ron Paul is a Leo who can bring the warmth of the sun to this new age.

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    California is a winner-take-all on June 5. 169 delegate primary; a source of serious concern.
    The Ron Paul Campaign chart is almost due for a birthday. June 5 is on the future side of this birthday. Transit Jupiter is conjunct the Midheaven of the Ron Paul Campaign Solar Return chart. [A period of culmination in your career. Your efforts produce results more easily than just about any other time]
    MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2012

    Question Time: What Happens to Santorum's Delegates?
    Via the comments:
    Will you start classifying Santorum's delegates as uncommitted?
    The classification of Santorum's delegates in FHQ's Race to 1144 posts is a bit of a tricky issue. The easiest answer is to say that we will do exactly what we did with the Huntsman delegates in New Hampshire. First of all, know that the decision on the Huntsman delegates was, well, ad hoc. Though the process had yet to play out on the state level, the RNC almost immediately shifted those delegates to the "uncommitted" column in its delegate count. I suspect if the RNC had not already shifted to general election mode and was still regularly updating its in-house delegate count, the Communications folks there would similarly shift some or all of the Santorum delegates into the "uncommitted" category as well.

    Yet there is a difference between a candidate with two delegates and another with more than 200 delegates. FHQ is much more inclined -- perhaps, contradictorily so -- to take the slow approach with the Santorum delegates as opposed to the Huntsman delegates. Think of primary season as a spool of thread. It is much easier to wrap an unraveled inch of thread back around the spool in an orderly way than it is to attempt re-spin 20% of the total thread unraveled to this point.

    One other issue worth raising is that one of those two New Hampshire delegates for Huntsman later came out in support of Mitt Romney.1 None of Santorum's delegates have yet to do anything like this.

    Moving forward, then, the most appropriate way to deal with this issue to pull those delegates back from Santorum's total when and if state party rules or state law forces a change in their categorization. For instance, Michigan state law, not state party rules as has been reported, releases a candidate's delegates upon
    ...the withdrawal of that presidential candidate from contention for that party's nomination or by written release of that presidential candidate to the chairperson of the national convention, whichever is earliest. -- Act 116-1954-XXV, Section 168.619
    But if you look closely at that AP account of Santorum's Michigan delegates, you will note that the actual delegates have not been selected yet. The Santorum campaign withdrew a challenge in order to safeguard the proportional selection of Santorum supporters to delegate slots by the party. [Paul campaign supporters may have something to say about that at upcoming county conventions, congressional district caucuses and the state convention.] But it doesn't really work that way. There are no safeguards.

    What that means, though, is that the Santorum campaign has or hopes he has 14 theoretical delegates "bound" to him in Michigan. Once those delegates are selected, however, they will not be bound to him and chances are good that the chosen delegates will not necessarily prefer him as a candidate; opting instead for Romney or Paul.

    Of course, this is just one state. The rules regarding the commitments/binding of delegates differs from state to state and the changes in the delegate count need to reflect that reality. In most instances, delegates have not been selected, but rather slots set aside for one candidate or another (via rules- or law-based binding mechanisms), and in most cases, those commitments are in place until the candidate releases them.2 Those delegates will remain in Santorum's column until he releases those delegates or the actual delegates chosen come forward with publicly stated preferences indicating support for another candidate. That is similar to the treatment of the Huntsman delegates.

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    I got the Gingrich chart info from The Political Astrology Blog at and am basing it's accuracy on the research done there. When Gingrich's staff quit on him a few weeks after his announcement (chart date of May 11, 2011) there were transits occurring at the time that appears to validate this chart.

    He announced only 2 days earlier than RP so most planets are in same general pattern as the RP Campaign Chart (see post 107 for chart) with some glaring differences ie the Moon and the sequential ordering of the stellium planets in the 11th House.

    As applied to these Campaign Charts, the 11th House is social and political groups and activism and includes the delegates and delegate selection process so I am seeing a resonance between the Gingrich and RP charts in that area which translates to a 'prediction' that Gingrich's delegates will eventually be in the RP camp with the usual 'political processing' during the Saturn transit across those 11th House planets from approx May 10 to Aug 10.

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    A little research project of mine:
    Applying the symbol technology of astrology at my disposal to the Dark Moon Lilith (osculating apogee) degree.

    I'll try to describe what the point actually is; sorry if I'm not clear.
    The osculating apogee is an astronomical position of the "empty" position where the mathmatical 2nd "centre" of an ellipse is. The 1st "centre" is the gravitational mass around which an object orbits creating the outline of the ellipse. The orbit would be the same as if the Mass were at the 1st or centre 2nd centre!

    It's a rather esoteric position in a horoscope. As are image symbols also esoteric. The 2nd image is from an image series familiar to most astrologers, sabian sybmols. So a point of familiarity for some.

    By combining two such esoterics packets of astrology, we're definately off in research territory. But I like it.

    Put on your abstract thinking hat for this. This is Ron Paul's Dark Moon Lilith:

    quoted from the Zodiac Image Handbook series by Helene & Willem Koppejan (fantastic stuff!!)
    24th Degree Leo

    First Image, Outer Symbol
    A man attacks a large tree with an axe, while another man starts to saw up the tree already cut down.

    This is a degree of 'solidity'. The livelihood of these people may be modest, but they tend to be healthy and are full of the urge to work. They tend to always have just the right opportunities and intstruments they need to go independently through life without having to bother others. They quietly go their own way. They are hard and constant workers. Although their circumstances are not easy, they do not let this trouble them. They can survive in situations where others with less backbone would've been paralyzed long ago.

    They are people who are at their best in nature. They have overcome the cold and shrewd ambition for a worldly career, and they can live away from home without emotional strain if need be.

    Jealousy and greed are foreign to them, and they can seldom be bought for money or material goods. They are naive and simple. They may be a bit brusque, but they like to help others and they do it at the right moment. They are honest and they want to care for nature and those around them. They tend to give out warmth and affection. As a job or hobby they would do well if they worked with wood or were intereseted in forestry. They would also do well as furniture-makers and wood-carvers.

    On a higher more symbolic level these people are philosophers and thinkers. They welcome new ideas which they can fit harmoniously into their own system of philosophy and meditation. Trees and wood come under Sagittarius and the activity of the muscles comes under Aries, so that we have a harmonious image of the three fire signs here. Those who are gifted with great creative power sometimes like to fell a dead tree. Thes frees them from mental stagnation and makes them ready for new ideas. This can also be done symbolically, by clearing the dead wood within one's head.

    We can detect the Leo grail within this dgree. By doing humble work in service to nature and mankind which these people do of their own free will, they a feeling responsibility. They may even meditate on the unseen forms in nature. Thus they will be open to pure inspiration and imagination. At the same time they are doing something of practical use, which can even bring material profit to the community as a whole. Even in the big city, one hour chopping wood for the open fire in one's house is a therapeutic way of abstraction from the daily worries.

    These people usualy have a firm and solid faith. They can use an axe to get their convictions across, or they can use a symbolic saw to cut their beliefs to their own measurements. They are often one with their weapon or instrument. They are also one with the material they work on, whether in a spiritual or physical sense. When they are creative they do this in a quiet manner and, knowing what they can create, they will indeed do it.

    2nd Image, Inner Symbol
    A yogi with transcendal powers, yet untidy and unkempt.

    Marc Jones did not see a yogi, but just a man. Rudhyar changed this image in his 1973 edition to 'A man, totally concentrated opon inner spiritual attainment, in a state of complete neglect of bodily appearance and cleanliness'.

    The yogi, as a symbol of the elevated consciousness(the man), indicates that these people are now completely concentrating on the light within them, and are working on their inner spiritual strength, instead of showing strong they are in the outer world. The two poles of spiritual awereness(the two men) have now become one, and are focused on inner exercises and the harmonious distribution of energy by thought-control. According to Rudhyar this is done 'at the expense of all forms of outward activity and care. The message of this degree seems to be to find the right balance between the Western attitude of outward action, and the more Eastern way of neglecting hte outer form and appearance, while being totally absorbed in inner enlightenment and transcendal meditation.
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    Some intuitive fudging due to the transit Chiron conjunct to Ron Paul's natal Descendant, and some future projections of solar arcs, transits, and minor progressions leads me to desire to adjust the rectified time I've been using. If I want to use 7:37am instead of 7:35:20am, the Midheaven degree does actually shift to the next degree. 7:37am gives a 4 Gem 04 Midheaven; the 5th Gemini.

    quoted from the Zodiac Image Handbook series by Helene & Willem Koppejan
    5th Degree Gemini

    First Degree, Out Symbol
    At the left a man with a dignified and noble appearance, dressed as a Minister of State, reaches out his hand towards a people's delegate, who makes a gesture of respect before him.

    This is a degree of 'personal dignity'. One cannot say anything but good about this symbol. People with this degree prominent have a magnanimous side to their character. They have a great human qualities. They are noble, generous, serious and benevolent without becoming boring. They radiate something of superiority of spirit and soul. They tend not to make negative or destructive judgements about others, although they possess a keen discernment and sharp eye for criticism. They know how to value the service of others, and are prepared to give them credit for it.

    They are quick in understanding and decision-making. One can count on them in times of crisis and hour of need. They can truly practice the command to forgive one's enemies. Their forgiveness knows no social boundaries. When offended, they take it to heart, but they absorb the hurt and turn it to their inner advantage by using it as a medium for spiritual growth. They give ethical and moral assistance whenever they can. They are not identified with their possessions and passions.

    The symbol of the stateman in the image shows they have a side that will be honoured and respected by friends, on whom they can count, which is basically a reflection of their own inner trustworthiness. They have enough imagination to sustain their position. On the outer plane they may well have socially high standing and a role of leadership. They can see far into the future. At the same time they have true humbleness(man at the right), and so they may be good interpreters of the feelings of the general public.

    It is a typical Gemini degree with two poles of consciouness(two men), who both represent the Gemini grail in a remarkable way. Those with this degree rising have great adaptability and the power to convince and inspire confidence. Their life-style is of a serious and quiet kind. They can sense circumstances and feel what is being thought in their environment. Moreover they possess much enthusiasm and devotion to work which makes others willing to do simply anything for them.

    On a high level they can silence their enemies by prayer and meditation.

    As Gemini they are of a dual nature. On the highest level become sages, who may not shun extremely high or very low social positions, and may merge the two into one, in order to be a shining light and example of the highest principles, which come to the fore so clearly in this image. They become messengers and delegates of their inner wisdom.

    Needless to say, as Gemini types, they have a talent for interpreting and conveying the spoken and written word - which brings us to the 2nd image.

    Second Image, Inner Symbol
    A radical magazine displays a sensational front page.

    The first image is serene and quiet, but has a bit too much of the conventional world in it. Here we are shown what these characters need - a more lively attitude, a bit more aggression, daring and, yes, a more challenging outlook. The social class division into two halves could be turned upside down. The second image brings emotion. It is daring, it is efficient. It disseminates ideas through the medium of the written word. There is directed action and mobility.

    In all modern media there is still nothing more effective than the written word, from which all other media take their pick.
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    here prior to like 2 weeks ago, this simply wasn't colored in, suddenly Ron Paul's delegations are gathering, and blooming. This is the Chiron transit at work, crossing from the lower hemisphere into the upper hemisphere. And I've decided to thumbtack Chiron onto the the Lousiana event, for a more vibrant effect. This is why I feel able to say 7:37am now, despite most of the events lining up in the future.

    Aug 30 - Minor Progressed Sun conjunct Midheaven.
    Nov 6 - Transit Uranus sextile Midheaven fits exactly now.
    Jan 20 - Transit Uranus sextile Midheaven, pretty darn close.

    to me, it's all just evidence suggesting strongly that Ron Paul is still there at these future dates. And the pack has thinned, and now he literally looks like he can do it. Especially if you hunt for the "real" news, concerning delegates. Here's a map someone found that just explains it all so nicely and compactly in a way words just can't.

    Uploaded with
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    Oh sign of penis.....That explains everything.

    Sorry. I just couldnt restrain my self.
    Today I decided to get banned and spam activism on this forum...


    For more info. or to help spread the word, go to the promotion thread here.

    Quote Originally Posted by orenbus View Post
    If I had to answer this question truthfully I'd probably piss a lot of people off lol, Barrex would be a better person to ask he doesn't seem to care lol.

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    If you Don't know about it we are having major wins today a lot is going down
    check out daily paul
    Maine State Convention Updates & Open Thread

  20. #139

    and Nevada State Convention(?) both over the weekend May 5-6
    no reason not to expect good results for Paul as transit Sun opposite his Jupiter sunday afternoon.

    I snagged these numbers from some source I didn't copy the link of: but
    Alaska 66%
    Colorado 56%
    Iowa 50+%
    Louisiana 74%
    Minnesota 83%
    Missouri 50+%
    Washington 50+%
    Maine projected majority
    Nevada projected majority

    if they're already projected to be a majority, then a bit of good luck can't hurt.

    Check out this powerful video, which exposes Mitt Romney for the cold-hearted corporate assassin that likes to “fire people.”
    to get the imagery flowing for what follows
    No Apology: The Case for American Greatness is a book by former Massachusetts Governor and U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney, detailing his vision for America. It was published on March 2, 2010 by St. Martin’s Press.[1] The title makes reference to Romney's contention that President Barack Obama had apologized for past American actions during trips abroad, and the subtitle to Romney's belief in American exceptionalism.
    American exceptionalism is the theory that the United States is different from other countries in that it has a specific world mission to spread liberty and democracy.
    Jingoism is extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy.[1] In practice, it is a country's advocation of the use of threats or actual force against other countries in order to safeguard what it perceives as its national interests. Colloquially, it refers to excessive bias in judging one's own country as superior to others

    Mitt Romney probably has Midheaven at
    7th degree Aquarius
    First Image, Outer Symbol
    A man with an energetic air, having drawn his sword with his right hand, pierces a puppet made of soft material, causing its stuffing to fall out
    This is a dangerous degree of vulnerability. People with this degree rising are aggressive from motives quite imaginary, picking quarrels on no provocation and especially choosing adversaries who are as defenceless as they are innocent of offence. Sometimes they display a jingoistic patriotism long outdated, defending their notions with empty rhetoric. This means that they have not overcome the difficulties of their hind-axis Cancer-Capricorn, and are living in an emotional past. They may strive after honours, or make much of their social position, which, in fact, is one of no great consequence.

    Their true aims are often veiled, and not least from themselves.

    They have not understood the difficulties of the fixed cross. As Aquarians they should not contend with others, but fight the good fight within, for the real honour of perfection. In view of the true objective of life their strife with the external world is ridiculous.

    In their daily life, these people are often rather unsociable and lack geniality. They are apt to be sarcastic, finding it all too easy, with their unscrupulous intelligence, to dispose of the character of others and this they will do wantonly. They may boast humane ideals, but these are belied by their behaviour. The solution for this symbol is cultivation of the will, and the achievement of introspection. The enemy is the unreality within.

    The more highly developed can live this symbol by piercing through all pretence and outward show in their own lives, or in society in general. Then their work may become one of cleansing, which clears the air, so that humanity can live, breathe and love again. As one of the twelve 7th degrees, it is part of a complicated 'struggle' between the light the dark forces.

    Second Image, Inner Symbol
    Out of the cosmic egg, life is born fresh and virginal.
    The first image has the potential to bring the cosmic riddle of the sign of Aquarius within oneself to solution. This can only be done when all energy is moved inwards, to fertilise the inner being or astral body.

    This energy needs to be directed towards greater goals than have claimed it hitherto. These goals may seem Utopian now, but in the fullness of time will be won, as surely as new life is brought to birth from the egg.

    People with this degree rising have ceased to cling to a bygone personal past and are beginning to transmute towards cosmic thinking and expression. They need to study the esoteric philosophy of the 'cosmic egg', which is the astral and etheric breeding ground for new and virginal ideas. There is spiritual protection for those who strive in the service of life itself. These people must first make a complete turn inwards, and reject their lower nature as it was exhibited in the first image.
    I've got some website, I put up this stuff there. It's a trial effort at the moment. I'm curious. But my webmaking skills are negligable, and my internet marketing knowledege is 0. If you want these books(there's 3 volumes), use a link from my page to get to amazon and you'll encourage me. I like astrology more than I like money but this is a material world and I need to learn that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleutheria7 View Post
    If you Don't know about it we are having major wins today a lot is going down
    check out daily paul
    Maine State Convention Updates & Open Thread
    may 5 news
    Ron Paul supporters take over GOP convention
    In a major upset, Ron Paul supporters narrowly won the chairmanship of the Maine Republican Convention today.

    Paul supporter Brent Tweed edged Charles Cragin 1,118 to 1,114 in a very close vote.

    The vote came after Paul supporters elected Ron Morrell secretary. Morrell got 1,119 votes out of 2,204 to be elected convention secretary.

    may 6
    In a contentious and hard fought 20 hour marathon spanning 2 days the patriots of Nevada prevailed and put Ron Paul supporters in 25 of the 28 seats allocated to Nevada for the Republican National Convention in Tampa.
    The second day of the Maine Republican State Convention is coming to an end, but the controversy continues.

    Organizers at the Augusta Civic Center on Sunday said presidential candidate Ron Paul has won 22 state delegates that will go to the national GOP convention in Tampa, Fla., and fellow candidate Mitt Romney has won zero.

    The results were based on voting Saturday night and Sunday.

    But Paul's victory is likely to be challenged by the Romney campaign, which has dispatched its top lawyer, Benjamin Ginsberg, to Maine. Ginsberg was President George W. Bush's lawyer during the 2000 Florida recount.

    Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster said this morning that the Romney campaign will contest the results and attempt to have them thrown out. The Romney campaign will argue that the vote didn’t take place in an open forum, Webster said.
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    Rough day for Romney -- words written on CNN on tv I can see. not sure what it's about, apparently he says dumb things at a fair pace, and today was one of them.

    transit Mars opposite natal Mars. Is like 2 rams smashing each other on the head. You make little headway and get nowhere fast and wonder why you wasted your energy. Efforts met by the equally determined efforts of others.

    meanwhile in Paul's chart the same transit Mars has been and is still(about the 1st week of may) trine natal Uranus. resonating with the progressed Mars trine natal Uranus. Favoring positive outcomes, group activity.

  23. #142


    Last night, my brain started to wonder if you guys are still using computer voting... of course you are.
    then watching the number come in on google elections. Well, I understand statistics. That every county would vote about 2/3 for Romney in all 3 states is totally implausible. The numbers are way too uniform. Even the county that was colored Gingrich early on in the counting(Rockingham county,NC) is now a uniform 2/3 romney just like all the others.

    Here's what I found.

    buysballots is an asteroid representing election fraud

    Mitt Romney chart shows progressed buysballots and progressed moon both occupying the same degree about 1/10th a degree apart today.

    Date | Buysballot | moon |
    16 May 1947 15:51:00 UT | 5 ar 7 | 3 ar 48 |
    16 May 1947 16:21:00 UT | 5 ar 8 | 4 ar 4 |
    16 May 1947 16:51:00 UT | 5 ar 8 | 4 ar 21 |
    16 May 1947 17:21:00 UT | 5 ar 9 | 4 ar 38 |
    16 May 1947 17:51:00 UT | 5 ar 10 | 4 ar 54 |
    16 May 1947 18:21:00 UT | 5 ar 10 | 5 ar 11 | <-- we are here p.Moon=5 ar 17
    16 May 1947 18:51:00 UT | 5 ar 11 | 5 ar 27 |
    16 May 1947 19:21:00 UT | 5 ar 11 | 5 ar 44 |
    16 May 1947 19:51:00 UT | 5 ar 12 | 6 ar 1 |
    16 May 1947 20:21:00 UT | 5 ar 13 | 6 ar 17 |

    Romney also has a natal Ascendant-Buysballots square(his Ascendant at 1 Gemini)
    Date | Buysballot
    12 Mar 1947 15:51:00 UT | 0 pi 59
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    By Kristina Peterson

    Republican presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul certainly wants to end the Federal Reserve. But he also has to eat breakfast.

    One day after chairing a hearing on proposals to abolish or overhaul the central bank, the Texan congressman sat down for the first meal of the day Wednesday with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the lawmaker confirmed in a brief interview at the Capitol. The decision to meet for breakfast at the Fed was “mutual,” said Mr. Paul, who last year introduced a bill to eliminate the central bank.

    The Fed chief and lawmaker had “sort of an open discussion,” Mr. Paul said, while declining to provide any details of the conversation. “It was off the record,” he said. The Fed declined to comment on the meeting.

    Wednesday’s visit to the Fed’s Washington headquarters was not the first for Mr. Paul, who has said previously he dined at the central bank with former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker.

    Nor is it unusual for Mr. Bernanke to play host to lawmakers, including those proposing to refashion the Fed. The Fed chief had breakfast in February with Rep. Kevin Brady (R., Texas) who earlier this year introduced a bill that would narrow the Fed’s mandate to focus solely on price stability. Currently, the central bank has a dual mandate that also requires it to strive for maximum employment.

    Still, Wednesday’s breakfast brought together two figures who publicly agree on very little. A longtime critic of paper currency and fan of the gold standard, Mr. Paul’s fiery Fed-bashing has enthused his campaign trail supporters, who often start rallies with loud chants of “end the Fed!”
    Mr. Bernanke, meanwhile, dedicated a significant chunk of his first lecture at George Washington University in March to enumerating the flaws associated with a system in which the dollar is valued at a fixed price per unit of gold.

    So did Wednesday’s meeting overturn any deep-set beliefs?<br>

    “He’s for the gold standard now,” joked Mr. Paul.
    Date__________________|____Gold_____|using siderial longitudes, (not precession corrected)
    08 May 2012 11:37:00 UT | 2 aq 22'20 |(just to show the relative positions)
    09 May 2012 11:37:00 UT | 2 aq 38'48 |
    10 May 2012 11:37:00 UT | 2 aq 55' 6

    20 Aug 1935 11:37:00 UT |2 le 40'11

    you can see that the asteroid: Gold, is transiting forward about 1/4 degree/day, and transits exactly opposite Paul's natal Sun sometime around 9am EDT.
    Also the transit Sun conjuncts Paul's natal Moon around 11am.
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    This June 1981 arrest of Mitt Romney: I can't find a better date other than June. Not very specific. Internet news should try to be more specific. I can guess using astrology but the information is either archived in the original where I have to pay and hope they tell me. Or sealed. In other words he can lie about what happened because lying isn't a crime and tell us his version of events. A few journalistic tellings wrap the event in hopeful versions. Some of the better links:
    In June 1981, ROMNEY attempted to launch family motorboat at Cochituate State Park despite park ranger advising that he was prohibited from doing so because his boat did not display proper registration. ROMNEY was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. ROMNEY handcuffed and transported in bathing suit to Natick police station, where released on own recognizance.5 Disposition: Charges were dropped when ROMNEY threatened to sue the state for false arrest; case dismissed at Natick District Court in February 1982. ROMNEY successfully petitioned that the files be sealed.
    “I figured I was at the state park with my kids,” Romney told The Boston Globe in 1994. “My five kids were in the car wondering why we weren’t going out in the boat, so I said I’d launch and pay the fine.”

    (Sounds very reasonable when he tells it.)

    Boston Globe Archive
    Free Abstract $ Full Text
    Abstract (Document Summary)

    The charges against [Romney] were dropped several days later and officially dismissed in February 1982 at Natick District Court. At Romney's request, the judge also agreed to seal the records, making them unavailable for public inspection.

    Romney said the guard told him not to put the boat in the water or he would be ticketed and fined $50. Frustrated and feeling that the license was still somewhat visible, Romney defied the order, saying it would be worth his while to be fined $50 to enjoy the day on the lake with his family.

    When he began to put his boat in the water again, Romney said the park ranger reappeared, furious over Romney's defiance, and arrested him. Romney said he was handcuffed and taken to the Natick police station and booked.
    Mitt Romney arrested for disorderly conduct
    Published: 09 May, 2012, 21:24
    According to what Romney told the Boston Globe in 1994, he had taken his family off to Wayland, Mass.'s Lake Cochituate, about an hour outside Boston, for a summer excursion. As Romney prepared to put his family boat into the water, a park officer told Romney not to launch because his license appeared to have been painted over. The officer told Romney if he put his boat into the water he would face a $50 fine.

    Romney felt that his license was still visible and decided to ignore the order from the officer and pay the fine.

    "I figured I was at the state park with my kids. My five kids were in the car wondering why we weren't going out in the boat, so I said I'd launch and pay the fine,” Romney said in 1994.

    Romney said the officer didn’t tell him not to launch his boat, just that he would face a fine for doing so.

    "I was willing to pay the fine. But if he had said don't launch the boat and not mentioned the fine, I would not have done it," Romney said.

    After Romney put the family boat into the water, the officer reappeared visibly angry and arrested Romney for disorderly conduct. Romney was handcuffed on the scene, taken to the local police station, and booked.

    My take is that he didn't understand the law. Perhaps what the officer said is obfuscated in it's meaning. It was very logical of Mitt to assume it merely meant that it would cost 50 dollars to boat. And perhaps we all should ask the judges to seal our records. And I think perhaps he snuck around and put his boat in the water after being told that he would be fined and that getting arrested was a good way to ensure the officer wasn't taking a cash payment of that fine. Perhaps he had no way of paying that fine when asked to do so.

    Regardless he felt an event that can highlight his character even if we have no specific date. Because surely it had to with transit Chiron conjunct his natal Kronos. I'm guessing a date based on multiple chart indicators. Be nice if someone is able to dredge up the date and skillcheck me.

    Here's a guess of an approximate date in chartform

    "My eliteness makes me an exception(and an officer)" or "I am an exception to the rules meets THE LAW"
    transit Chiron conjunct Kronos
    progressed Moon square Kronos
    Solar Arc Ascendant semisquare Kronos
    transit Mars/Kronos 22.5 Kronos
    I'd like it he made a movie about how reasonable he could be in the face of a major event like this. I imagine he needs lawyers to handle all his problems. Lawyer movies are good right?
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    Default One year birthday of RP presidential announcement

    RP announced his run for president May 13, 2011.

    The 2012 RP Campaign Chart was created as a result of this and there is actually a 2008 RP Campaign Chart based on exact data from March 12, 2007 when Ron announced on C-SPAN's Washington Journal. That chart is still relevant as the first incarnation of the RP Revolution.

    Here's the 2012 RP chart with some transits included that are relevant for the next month or so. Again much detail is omitted so as to fit on the chart.

    NOTE: this is not a Solar Return Chart but an updated transit/progression chart made on the Solar Return day as a sort of 'gift' ;o)

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  27. #146

    Default One year birthday of RP presidential announcement

    Okay...double posted...will use this space later for a Mittens update...Today Juno is retrogade transitting his natal chart Descendent and was within a degree the past couple days as the 'bully news' came out and he had to finally apologize...something he hates to do BTW.

    In some contexts Juno relates to the bully/victim dynamic.


    Romney's personal natal chart and the 'moment of denial' in the Kilmeade FOX radio interview on May 10 at approx 9:37 AM CDT in Omaho where Romney was calling from.

    The source of this was from Kilmeade's FB announcing the interview at 10:35 AM EDT and 2 minutes into the audio Mitt denied/forgot/chuckled about this particular person and the hazing event.

    As with the 'etch a sketch' moment to the campaign chart, insights may be gleaned about MR from his natal chart. Actually there are clinical psychologists/astrologers who could do a thorough case study on a person like Romney -- one being PhD/astrologer Glenn Perry. One psychologist said Herman Cain was a "Petri dish of psychopathology' as he used his own words to create an alternate reality of denial. There's definitely some Petri dish material from Romney which will play a part in the meltdown theme that we hope manifests via iinterpretation of the astrological indicators.

    The update to the MR Camp chart is the progressed Moon beginning the T-square pattern with natal Uranus and Pluto from approx May 12 through July 29 and the mentioned Mars transits. There always more to transits and progressions to the chart so to be continued.

    For now here is the Romney chart and some analysis of the 'denial moment'.

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    Take Virginia! 49 Delegates!
    Submitted by Wake Up 1776 on Sun, 05/06/2012 - 21:00
    Here is the deal. We can win the majority of Virginia's delegates! We have already won 7/9 delegates from the district caucuses that are already completed. Also, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney were the only ones on the ballot so only those two candidates had people registered to be delegates. There are going to be several more caucuses coming up in 6 days (May 12th)!!! Please spead the word we need to sweep this HUGE STATE!!!

    Here is the breakdown by distict:

    1st District: 12 May
    2nd District: 12 May
    3rd District: 12 May
    7th District: 12 May
    8th District: 12 May

    10th District: 19 May
    11th District: 19 May
    5th District: 19 May

    Already completed (we took 7 out of 9):
    4th District: 28 April
    9th District: 28 April
    6th District: 5 May
    An exception: This is the state where Ron Paul was going face off Mitt Romney, alone. Gingrich and Santorum didn't make the ballot. And today is clearly a key day.

    The solar return of the campaign chart is today.
    The Sun is 1/2 a degree behind Jupiter in this chart. So it starts off the Sun transitting the solar return Jupiter.

    (= in the following refers to a conjunction or a square aspect)
    You know what's really neat. Both the campaign chart and the campaign's solar return chart both have Midheaven = Jupiter/Node midpoint.
    It's not enough to be really fun yet! Look in Ron Paul's chart: Solar arc Jupiter/Node = Midheaven[General popularity. To be well liked]
    _________________________________________________T ransit Jupiter/Node = Midheaven around Jul 4 and Nov 6(+/- a few days)
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  29. #148

    Wead calls it Gamechanger. hmm. What else was there. Transit Mercury conjunct Paul's natal Uranus-9th House cusp. Get him some $$$ for broadcasting.

    In the campaign chart
    Solar arc Sun square Midheaven
    Transit Uranus/Pluto midpoint conjunct Midheaven[to change by leaps and bounds]
    Transit Jupiter square Midheaven
    t.(Uranus/Pluto=Jupiter)=MC [Sudden fortunate change.]
    This configuration looks like a big deal. Perhaps triggered by the transit Sun.

    Next. May 15. Oregon, Nebraska primaries.
    Exact transits:
    transit Jupiter square the campaigns Midheaven
    transit Uranus square campaign Pluto.
    Transit Venus conjunct Ron Paul's solar return Descendant.
    Transit Venus is stationary in the middle of the 15th. This is the South Node of the campaign chart too.
    Transit Mars conjunct Paul's natal Ascendant--Paul should get some exercise.
    Transit Jupiter trine Paul's natal Venus--Best transit for a money bomb.
    (May 17-the actual money bomb day-- still in orb.)
    Here's an idea even.. Bicycle for Paul! and donate the money u saved on gas.

  30. #149


    Just found out about the stunning news event this morning. Does anyone know the exact time of the RP email and press release? From what I searched it looked to be about 4 PM.

    Update: Found a thread that started at 2:38 about the email so looks like closer to 2:30 PM of this event. A slight change to the transit info is transit Moon at 16Pis06 so not exact square to Pholus.

    After reading through several threads regarding today's followup statement by Jesse Benton it looks like some darkside activity transpired as could happen with Nessus and Pluto. I mentioned in the recent RP Camp chart in post 146 of the Mars transit indicating integration of the grassroots and it looks like a possible option is to regroup and become more organized and act as our own campaign organization.

    Such great momentum after the OK and AZ conventions this weekend and right on schedule with the Romney Camp chart of progressed Moon making a square aspect to natal Uranus and beginning an entrenched 2.5 month T-square pattern with natal Uranus and Pluto.
    The Romney people had a meltdown at the OK convention and we won almost all the delegates so that tells me that this pattern is valid and will manifest as other meltdown events for Romney in the future.

    Let's see how this integration phase plays out for the next couple weeks.

    Transits to the RP Campaign Chart at that moment:

    transit Uranus at 7Ari11 square natal Pluto at 7Cap13 -- acute, intense, cumulative just before exact conjunction - this effect was going to be sudden and shocking and unpredictable and I went conservative on the interpretation in past posts (see quote below) and in recent chart

    transit Jupiter at exact square to Nessus and within 15 minutes of arc to exact square to MC/IC axis -- Nessus archetype is now worth further research -- fighting a William Wallace/Braveheart guerilla fighting approach by focusing on the battles we can win ie the state conventions and delegate process -- this is a good strategy and the Mittens Meltdown is ongoing to take advantage this summer esp at June 24 Uranus-Pluto square event -- Gov Scott Walker recall in Wisconsin on that date and Reince Priebus has Walker connections (Walkergate) that may be exposed

    transit Venus makes a stationary and reverse at 23Gem 59 at Moon Nodes -- don't know the exact time but was near time of event - reverse direction is accurate and timely for RP Camp and again bodes well

    transit Moon at 16Pis52 at exact square to natal Pholus -- Pholus is a very interesting new transformational archetype to talk about later and it's good to see that it has relevance in the RP Camp chart

    transit Sun at 24Tau24 just recently passing a square aspect to MC/IC axis so decision within RP Camp was taking effect a day or two earlier

    April 26 Update

    The RP Campaign chart:

    From post #122 the RP Campaign chart has the progressed Moon Reality Check event actually starting Apr 27/28 which also coincides with transit Mercury opposing Saturn for those days - time to restructure and reset with serious goals, time to take the gloves off when taking on the establishment

    Apr 30 - May 1 - transit Venus crosses the Ascendent - social, media, financial attraction and abundance (fund raising), the Liberty message gets more attention - favorable women influence

    May 9/10 - transit Jupiter conjunct Sun - day after primaries and time to expand goals and shake up the status quo within the campaign staff - bring in new blood or ideas via the influential donors ie Nasim Taleb, Mark Spitznagel, etc.

    May 9 through May 15 - the Jupiter transit is acute as it makes Sun conjunction and square to MC/IC axis May 15 - time for major legal action against Romney/GOP, prime time for major expansion and restructure of campaign personnel and network, lead up to Moneybomb on May 17

    May 15 - transit Uranus square Pluto - this plays into the Jupiter phase with extra emphasis of major delegate action and legal ramifications, collective (Campaign and grassroots) aggressive effort to push back at the political power structures ie media, GOP.
    Uranus is the Revolution planet/archetype so big emphasis of this.
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  31. #150


    Quote Originally Posted by MikefromSyracuse View Post
    transit Moon at 16Pis52 at exact square to natal Pholus
    This is the Uranus/Neptune midpoint as well. After my last message I too have looked in the forum a bit and there was a landslide of bewildered people regarding Paul's announcement.

    (the transit Uranus/Neptune midpoint is also square the Ascendant on and off over the next months)

    If you look at the 16th harmonic of this 16 pis 52. You can add transits sun, moon, pluto,and radix mars, MC, pholus, nessus
    It's all very curious, and I hope it's just a passing mood(of feeling checkmated(UR/NE)). The plan is surely the same as ever: get delegates.

    In the end there are people who figure Romney loses to Obama. That's gotta count for something. Republicans want to win don't they?

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