Money Laundering as a Party Task

I personally do not know anybody from democratic party. I am only a software engineer in Silicon Valley, California with no prior political connection to any party or organization. From 95 I started receiving letters from democratic party asking me to send contributions to different causes. I did send a few dollars.

In 2000 I received a letter from democratic party asking me to do some tasks for them. The task that they had assigned me was to join a tax fraud organization and start selling some "educational" products. I would get paid $200.000 a month and I had to send $1000 contributions to different party organizations. One of my close relatives received 100 million dollars to start a "business". This person could not even pay for the gas in his car just a few weeks earlier!!!! The records for all these "business" transactions are registered with appropriate authorities such as IRS.

I refused to do so. I suggested that they should find people in Washington who would fit into the democratic party as I was not the appropriate person. Also I pointed out that I am not the employee of the democratic party and sending a few dollars in contributions does not make me the employee of the democratic party.

I also informed my former employer about money laundering. The CEO of this major high tech corporation in Silicon Valley immediately informed other corporations in the area and they tried to get me out of democratic party money laundering operations by offering software jobs. On the way to one of these interviews my car was burned on the highway by the police through manipulation in the engine of the car.

I received a lot of death threats. All my property was stolen and I was kidnapped twice to Europe under heavy drugs. All these attempts were reported to US embassies in several european countries with no results.

Many CEO's of major high tech companies in Silicon Valley, California with billions of dollars in revenues know about my case. That is the problem my case poses for the democratic party, as dismissing the case under ordinary slogans is not possible. They usually dismiss people with such labels as "Republican paid agent" or "Lunatic nut-case".

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