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Thread: CNN: Candidates Unfiltered?

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    CNN: Candidates Unfiltered?

    I see Rudy, Clinton, Obama, Romney, etc. being given time on CNN but no mention of Ron Paul. What the heck? Rudy got less votes in Iowa than Ron Paul but he still is being shown on CNN. Why is it only the CFR canditates are being given any time?

    And the entire program is called (get this) Candidates Unfiltered

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    I see 19 people have looked at this thread so far but no replies yet.

    Doesn't anybody have anything to say about this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thoughtbombing View Post
    This thread or what CNN is doing?

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    Would the moderators please delete this post?
    Seems to be a waste of peoples time to look at it.

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    I would rather see candidates unfiltered than filtered. Freedom of thought and expression is why leads to a real approach to change in our society.
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    My comments are my own and do not reflect a candidate or a group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r0bren0 View Post
    I guess this parallels Faux News slogan of being "Fair and Balanced", support the boycott but let this undemocratic form of censorship feed your rage to make you canvas and get the word out on the streets to Ron Paul. I just had an ephinany earlier this morning and I am fueled with passion right now.
    Thank you.

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