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Thread: Top employers: United States Army, United States Navy

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    Top employers: United States Army, United States Navy



    Total receipts to date (includes contributions for primary and general elections, loans and transfers): $3.0 million

    Total contributions to date: $3.0 million

    Total spending to date: $646,117

    Second quarter contributions: $2.4 million

    Second quarter spending: $530,592

    Second quarter transfers or loans: none

    Cash on hand: $2.4 million

    Debt: none

    Top donor states: Texas, $272,892; California, $169,946; Florida, $82,985.

    Top employers: United States Army, $6,375; United States Navy, $6,266.

    Of note: The Texas congressman is definitely considered a long shot for the Republican nomination, but the Libertarian-leaning candidate's campaign is trending upward. Paul's campaign reported a big increase in fundraising this quarter, leaving it with $2.4 million in the bank and no debt.

    I'm DjLoTi =) Liveontheisland =) I live on an island =) It's my island =)

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    Thats awesome especially considering how the MSM likes to paint him as unpatriotic and crap. Just point them there!

    On a side note, T. Thompson recieved donations from Verichip Corp. LMAO, hope he drops soon.

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    Yeah, .. If America supports their troops, they should support Ron Paul, because our troops support Ron Paul.
    I'm DjLoTi =) Liveontheisland =) I live on an island =) It's my island =)

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    Actually, DoD and USN employ civilians too. For example, the various research labs that the USN has around the country are made up of professors and researchers, and the environment is not unlike that of a university.

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    Good to see America's heroes supporting Dr. Paul!

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