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Thread: Running Mate?

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    Running Mate?

    Who should Ron Paul choose as a running mate?

    Remember, due to the scale of Mega Tuesday, in a perfect world, Ron Paul COULD have the nomination within 35 days.

    My own thoughts as a past political campaigner in the UK...

    They need to have the following "qualities":-

    - Be concerned about dimunition of liberty
    - Broadly agree with his views
    - Have a "clean record" which excludes almost all of Congress
    - Come from a some form of large minority group
    - Be a woman as Hilary will be on the Democrat slate, even if only in VP nominee
    and a single mother would be even better
    - Come from the north of the States
    - Be somewhat academic
    - Be well known
    - Have kids
    - Be well clear of any "Skull & Crossbones" past affiliations
    - Someone with at least some political and media experience

    One possible name that springs to mind is that of Naomi Wolf, a capable and well-known debater who holds broadly the same views as him.

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    At what stage of the race do the candidates usually select a running mate? Doesn't that happen around the national convention?

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    Waste of time post. Distraction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Pedersen View Post
    At what stage of the race do the candidates usually select a running mate? Doesn't that happen around the national convention?
    In recent years, candidates have announced a running mate prior to the convention.

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    I am asking for people's VIEWS.

    Candidates usually choose a running mate AS SOON AS THEY HAVE THE NOMINATION TIED UP.

    Because of this unique Mega Tuesday, this COULD be as soon as 7th February 2008

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    How about who he should not have as a running mate, e.g. Walter Williams. Being a black friend of Ron Paul's doesn't make up for being a hawk.

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    Hell, I'd like to know each candidate's Cabinet as soon as possible. We're voting for an entire branch of government, not just one person. I'd prefer to vote for a "team" and not just the quarterback and backup QB. I at least would like to have an idea about Secretaries of State and Defense. Plus, it would be easier for a team of people to spread out and campaign all over at once, with each person focusing on their potential position.

    As for a VP, I'd like to see someone fairly young and much more tech-savvy than the good doctor. In fact, I wouldn't mind someone as opposite to RP as one can get with only the Constitution being what they have in common. I see RP supporters like a pyramid with a broad base of people who make up the foundation. They have different religious beliefs, lifestyles, background, etc., but they all have the same focus: the Constitution up at the top of the pyramid. I think it would be advantageous to find a VP from a section of the base different than RP's.
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