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Thread: Pat Buchanan and Tucker discuss Ron Paul's chances in Iowa

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    Pat Buchanan and Tucker discuss Ron Paul's chances in Iowa


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    Can someone on highspeed summarize for we dialup challenged??

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    Pat says watch 3rd place for Ron Paul, Tucker gets excited then they talk about how Fox leaving Ron out of NH debate is bull.

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    I wish Pat had come out for Paul. I'm really dissapointed in him lately. I emailed his staff at the American Conservative...They replied, but would not comment on whom he would support.
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    On fighting corruption:
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    Trump had to donate the "right way" and hang out with the "right people" in order to do business in NYC and Hollyweird and in order to investigate and expose them.
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    Pat says that he was told that people from out of state can come to Iowa and, he said, "some of them can even enter the caucuses"?!!! Is that true? out of state folks can participate in the Iowa caucus?

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    Only if they are students. Otherwise, Pat is either confused or is setting up a cover story when Paul comes in 3rd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveMartin View Post
    Can someone on highspeed summarize for we dialup challenged??
    Its worth the wait!!! Its only 1:06

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    Makes you want to send another email to Fox.

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    Tucker just loves Ron Paul.

    I'm glad Pat Buchanan and Tucker commented about FAUX (FOX) NEOCON CENSORSHIP of Dr RON PAUL.

    TUCKER is right... I think it has backfired on FAUX... RP is getting MORE visibility!
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    I think Pat knows he's picked up negative baggage over the course of his three campaigns for president, rightly or wrongly, and may think he would have hurt Paul more than helped if he endorsed him. But as Paul gets more securely established as a frontrunner, Pat may go ahead and endorse.
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    I think there should be a sticky thread at the top of the Iowa forum for videos like this as it is the only way us Ron Pauls fans here in the uk can watch the MSM vids you guys are kind enough to post. BIG thanks to all who post these vids I know I appreciate it.

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    Pat does Ron more good by retaining his mantle of objectivity. By staying a pundit he gets more opportunity to talk about all the candidates, including our guy. At practically every opportunity, Pat talks up our guy, and remains free to skewer the other candidates. If Pat came out and explicitly endorsed Paul, he wouldn't be getting the same opportunities to comment on all the candidates. It would probably also hurt his income. He may even have contractual obligations, due to his role as a political commentator, barring him from endorsing anyone.

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