Im disgusted with FOX. I hope everyone else is too.

Its about damn time we stand together and give them a harder time than they have ever had. Keep up the pressure.

FOX is an 'enemy combatant'. FOX is denying free speech.. its spitting on the American way. The last thing we need to do, is give it a break. Lets make this boycott/protest memorable.

Remember the most effective way is to go after them at the local level... just like our campaign. Target the smaller sponsors on the smaller affiliates. Thats the only way the message is going to get through this companies thick ass skull.

Myspace is also owned by News Corp. so make sure to post bulletins and blogs on myspace and encourage friends to do the same. 200M people on myspace... Literally 2/3 of the U.S. population.

ps. Dont forget to use fax machines too.