I just got a US Census survey. According to the enclosed letter, I am "required by U.S. Law to respond to this survey" Fortunately they didn't want to know anything too personal (/sarcasm), only

- If I or my wife has trouble dressing or bathing
- If, because of a mental or emotional condition I or my wife has trouble concentrating or making decisions
- What time I usually left for work last week
- What kind of vehicle I used to get there
- What were my most important activities or duties at work?
- If I or my wife speak a language other than english in our home and if so which
- If I or my wife have difficulty climbing stairs
- If we have a flush toilet?, stove or range?, refrigerator?, sink?, bath?, etc.
- How many separate rooms we have
- The cost of every single one of our utilities
- What kind of heath/fire/flood, etc. insurance we have, exactly what it covers and how much each of them costs.
- My and my wife's ancestry and race
-Much, much more.

Of course, I would have thought you would need a warrant to force someone to give you this kind of information, but apparently not ...