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    Now that I've had some sleep, I wanted to post a fuller version of what happened, so that the folks on this forum who didn't attend could hear about it. This is what I sent to the lady at Orange County register.

    It was crazy, it was chaotic, it was the best fun I ever had in the game! 246 Ron Paul supporters came together to march in support of our candidate.

    Our members ranged in age from 16 (including a girl who'd had her 18th birthday the day before, and was thrilled that she could now vote) to about 57, with most of the players in the 25 to 45 range.

    We lined up single file (or as near as we could manage that) in Khranos, in a total of six raid groups. Immediately we were set upon by anti-Ron Paul protestors, who did their best to harass us and get us into PvP mode so that they could kill us. We'd heard rumors that they were going to try to stop the march by killing us all before we ever left Ironforge.

    I was very proud of our officers who kept the peace, encouraged the members and swiftly booted the few anti-Paulists who had managed to infiltrate the group. Our members showed their strength and determination by not allowing the taunts to get to them, instead encouraging each other to remain calm over guild chat. Spirits were high and we danced and laughed and handed out guild tabards (thanks to a generous donation from one of our higher level members) as well as red, white and blue shirts (many of the members had donated cloth so that I could make them).

    Just as we were getting ready to set off, I finally made contact with a GM, and explained what we were doing, and that we were self-policing and would comply with any needs of the GMs. The gentleman I spoke to was very courteous, and we appreciate Blizzard's support.

    We circled around Ironforge and moved to the tram. By this time we had learned that there was a queue to get onto the server, and sadly some of our folks didn't make it in on time, or our showing would have been even larger. At its peak we had 386 unique accounts in the RP Revolution Guild.

    We gathered in Stomwind, and marched through the streets of the city and out into Goldshire. The center of town became a sea of blue nametags. From there we headed to Westfall, and to the sea. Many thanks to the high level characters from both our guild and other guilds, who helped us kill off the raptors, gnolls and Defias Brotherhood we passed along the way. At the lighthouse we plunged into the sea and swam down to Booty Bay. The murlocs were out in force, and many died while swimming but were rezzed or ran back to the group. "This is madness!" I yelled to my officers, laughing at the mayhem all around. "Madness?" one of them said, "this is Sparta!"

    Gathering in Booty Bay, we took the boat to Ratchet and from there marched towards the Crossroads. At this point we got a little to close, and the guards rushed us, and many more had to be rezzed.

    From there we headed for Orgrimmar (our "Washington") and ran for the gates. Our plan was to get on the zeppelin, and some actually made it there. It was an insane, free-for all battle against guards and poisonous snakes and Horde players who had waited there to "gank" us, since they knew that once we got
    within range of Orgrimmar, we would automatically flagged for PVP. We died in massive droves! But, hey, we were storming the gates of Orgrimmar, so that was pretty much what we'd expected. Amazingly, a few level 2 Alliance characters actually made it inside the gates, a feat that so far as I know has never previously been pulled off.

    The course of freedom isn't an easy one, but for me this march proved that if we stand together, we can win through!

    The RP Revolution guild is on Whisperwind to stay! We made so many wonderful friends, and had a blast being together in a guild where we could intelligently discuss the world's problems with likeminded folks. Most of our members came from other servers, and many (including myself) are now considering moving our mains there. It's highly likely that many of those who joined with the free trial will be staying with the game as well.


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    Thanks for all your hard work and my blue shirt! FYI. I just sent some info and links to so we shall what their take is but I thought it went very well! Just 4 days and then the march. A testament to you and all the leaders and of course the guildies! Good times!


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    Hey Lettucebfree, notice in my screenshot that there were actually 400 unique accounts by the time we got to sentinel hill. That's what was awesome about this. 400!!!!!!! And by the time we got to Sentinel Hill, some people had to leave, so the online numbers were down a bit, I didn't get a screenshot of when we were at peak online attendance unfortunately.

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    I sent a wonderful message to the offical Ron Paul myspace last night, along with our agenda and the 9min video.

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