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Thread: Call these media outlets in Orlando about the blimp

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    Call these media outlets in Orlando about the blimp

    Call them and ask for the news room...tell them about the blimp. This will ensure media coverage.

    "Hi can I speak to the newsroom please I've heard some amazing news you may want to cover"

    "Hi newsroom I'm seeing some massive blimp up in the sky heading towards Orlando. I've never seen a massive blimp before and there is some Ron Paul guys name on the side of it!! I think this is the guy all my friends are talking about becoming president!!. Are you planning on covering this story, eveyone I know would think it was super cool to all watch this on the news tonight"

    Orlando TV Stations:
    News 13 407-513-1300
    WRCF 407-849-9980
    WRDQ 407-422-2027
    WFTV Channel 9 ABC 407-841-9000
    Channel 52 407-423-5200
    WTGL 407-423-5200
    WLCB 407-245-7045
    WKMG 407-291-6000
    WACX 407-263-4040
    WESH 407-645-2222
    Channel 2 407-645-2222
    WKCF 407-645-1818
    Acom Multimedia 407-854-4511
    WOPX 407-370-5600
    WRBW 407-248-6500
    Metro 407-248-9305
    Superchannel 407-263-4040
    WMFE 407-273-2300
    WRBW 407-942-1765
    WOFL 407-644-3535
    TV 62 407-238-7762
    ESPN 407-938-0634
    America 407-333-3031

    Saint Augustine TV stations:
    WQXZ 904-819-0013

    Daytona Beach TV stations:
    News 13 386-253-4774
    WVEN 386-255-6164
    Channel 2 386-226-2222
    WESH 386-226-2222
    WFTV 386-253-7000
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