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Thread: Pine Ridge farmer struggles to grow hemp

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    Pine Ridge farmer struggles to grow hemp

    The man and his family are Sioux growing hemp on Sioux land. The DEA still comes in and trashes their hemp, leaving them destitute.

    Alex White Plume hoped his extended family could make a good living growing hemp when he first planted seeds on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwest South Dakota, but years of fighting with federal drug officials have left him in financial trouble.

    White Plume planted hemp on his land in 2000, planning to make money by selling the seed to others, but U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents cut down his plants a few days before he intended to harvest them. The DEA also seized similar plantings by his brother and sister in the next two years.

    ''All that left us in debt and demoralized, trying to figure out what to do because our sovereignty was directly attacked,'' White Plume said.
    This kind of crap has to stop and it has to be done from the top down.

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    Ron Paul introduced a bill in this session to legalize industrial production... check the thread... i believe it's a sticky, about the bills he has introduced.

    also, check

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    Yes, I've seen the bill before.

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