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Thread: Project: To make a R.P. recruitment video. Then use the power of Compound recruitment

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    Project: To make a R.P. recruitment video. Then use the power of Compound recruitment

    The Plan: “To Recruit 3 Friends to Vote for Ron Paul”

    America needs Ron Paul to become its President. The world needs a healthy and loved America. Ron Paul may be our last chance at salvaging Western Civilization. We can in no way afford to blow this election opportunity. So I just came up with a simple but feasible plan to ensure Ron Paul wins the Presidency. It uses the Principle of Compounding Recruitment. All we the People have to do is watch a Ron Paul recruitment video, get excited, (make a conscience decision to vote for Ron Paul) and make 3 of our friends watch the video as well. Those friends will then become excited, and get 3 of their friends to do the same thing. And so on and so on.

    Let’s call the process the “7 Steps To Freedom”. So step:

    1. Watch the convincing Ron Paul recruitment video (Which we still have to work on)
    2. Make a conscience decision to vote for Ron Paul & to help spread the word
    3. Go register with the Republican party, so that you can vote in the Primary election
    4. Get 3 friends or family (whom you have influence over) & whom are eligible US voters to watch the video and complete their “7 Steps To Freedom”
    5. Mail in a $20 dollar donation to support Ron Paul and receive a Ron Paul Baseball Hat, which people will try to wear whenever possible over the next year.
    6. Vote for Ron Paul in the Primary election on the voting day.
    7. Vote for Ron Paul for US President on Voting day.

    This is what the number of Ron Paul supporters looks like when the Math is laid out before you, which is compounded or multiplied by 3 each week.

    June 22nd, 2007 – I become the 1st person on board who buys into system
    June 29th, 2007 – 3 new people have now bought into the system.
    July 6th – The 3 new people go out and get 3 each making it 3x3=9 new RP supporters
    July 13th- 9 new people get their 3 friends making it 9x3=27 new RP supporters
    July 20th- 27 new people get their 3 friends making it 27x3=81 new RP supporters
    July 27th- 81 new people get their 3 friends making it 81x3=243 new RP supporters
    Aug 3rd- 243 new people get their 3 friends making it 243x3=729 new RP supporters
    Aug 10th- Each week the total of RP supporters grows by a factor of 3. Aug.10th =2187
    Aug 17th = 6561 RP Supporters
    Aug 24th = 19 683 RP Supporters
    Aug 31st = 59 049 RP Supporters
    Sept. 7th = 177 147 RP Supporters
    Sept. 14th = 531 441 RP Supporters
    Sept. 21st = 1 594 323 RP Supporters
    Sept. 28th = 4 782 969 RP Supporters
    Oct. 5th = 14 348 907 RP Supporters
    Oct. 12 = 43 046 721 RP Supporters
    Oct. 19th = 129 140 163 RP Supporters and VOTERS which is more than half of the approximately 200 000 000 (million) eligible US voters.
    (Actually when you add up all the numbers from each week. it totals 193 710 244 Supporters or Voters. More than enough.)

    During the week, all one has to do is watch the video and get 3 buddies to watch it as well. Then order a hat to show support. If everyone can do this then we will win. The video must be Superb. Can anyone on this site make such a video? And start burning them so that we can hand them out to our friends and family. We will most likely have to order 3 copies of the DVD to give to our recruits who may not have internet access. I would think that it would be quite possible to include the DVD’s in with the $20 dollar donation.

    The whole process could be completed in 18 Weeks! And actually Ron Paul already has at least 20 000 supporters, which would bump us automatically into week # 10. So in theory it could be done in 10 weeks, assuming the Google Video (or YouTube) links and DVDs were ready. Now if a week is too short of a time span to encourage 3 buddies to watch a video, then we still almost have enough time to pull it off if each stage took a month to complete. Assuming we were at the 20 000 RP supporter mark. Over the next 8 months 20 000 would grow to the 129 million number.

    So, this is one plan that if we got committed could work, thanks to the power of the Internet, YouTube, DVD burners, and compound recruiting. What do you say, should we go for it? Or just sit back and waste another golden opportunity and let evil Triumph again. Remember “The only thing necessary for Evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing.”

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    I am really looking forward to a well done recruitment DVD. I have given friends various politically minded DVD and documentaries in the past with a lot of success. I am also about to become a student again and would love a good recruitment DVD.

    I HAVE ZERO ability to create one myself.

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    I'm working on a team to get just such a supurb video together, but we need good quality source material. If you or anyone you know has video we can use, please see my thread:

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