On Thursday morning, a Christian radio station in the New York/New Jersey area was talking about Tancredo quitting during the morning show. It was awesome to hear the brief dialog:
David A. Dein: I didn't even know he was running. The only people I knew of running in the Republican party were Giuliani, Romney, and Ron Paul.

Johnny Stone: Ron Paul, huh?

David: Yeah, we talked about that the other day.

Johnny: Did you forget Huckabee?

David: Oh, yeah, and Huckabee.
After always listening to people bring up candidates, except Ron Paul, it was refreshing to hear someone on the radio say that Ron Paul was one of the only candidates he knew about. This is a broadcast that I was listening to in New York City. It is so rare to find anyone here who has even heard of Ron Paul, though the word is spreading.