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Thread: Announcing Paul A Palooza 2008 Supporter-Bomb in Las Vegas

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    Announcing Paul A Palooza 2008 Supporter-Bomb in Las Vegas

    Paul A Palooza 2008



    Las Vegas, NV

    January 12-13, 2008

    This is a supporter-bomb. Instead of donations, we are going to import Ron Paul supporters into Las Vegas by the thousands. Events will kick off Saturday, January 12th, 2008 at around noon with the biggest Ron Paul march ever. It will be on the Las Vegas Strip. You saw all the videos from the Tea Party marches. Imagine thousands of Ron Paul supporters in full regalia parading the famous Strip.

    Saturday night will be an evening of fun-filled entertainment. We are in the process of securing a venue and some great entertainers. Tickets will be sold for this event, with the proceeds being used for activities targeting registered Republicans in Las Vegas in the lead up to the caucus. The caucus is Jan. 19th. Anyone that comes for Paul A Palooza is encouraged to stay for the week after and help us win.

    Sunday will most likely be the first ever Ron Paul Las Vegas Convention. This is where we’ll get a chance to network with supporters from all across the country, plan strategy, and conduct training for the upcoming caucus in Nevada. It is our hope that ideas generated here will translate into political victories in other states.

    Please get the word out, and keep this weekend clear on your calendars. is the official site of this event, and if tickets are sold online, this is where it will happen. All official news about this event will be posted here. If you don't see it here, it is not true. Contact info, and a great website design are on the way. Come back often for updates.

    This event is brought to you by the creators of the Las Vegas Tea Party '07 - members of the Las Vegas Ron Paul Meet Up.

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    ohhhhhhhh import me....... import me

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    Temp in the 50's? Sounds fantastic to me after several weeks of 20's and 30's. A person can get some fantastic hotel rates this time of year in Vegas also .

    This would be a freaking blast. I LOVE Las Vegas. Def putting it on my list of possibilities Checks airfare rates

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    .... I'm always looking for an excuse to go to Vegas
    “It is in war that the State really comes into its own: swelling in power, in number, in pride, in absolute dominion over the economy and the society.” -- Murray Rothbard

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    Push this

    I've been claiming we need a big rally somewhere warm for a while now.

    Can you get Ron Paul to show up?

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    WoW, I wish i could go, but I got a ticket for the Republican FOX debate on Jan. 10 in South Carolina.
    *Liberty is worth it*

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    This would be an excellent excuse for me to make my first trip to Vegas. I'm in Arizona now so I can be there without much hassle.

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    I can get bus loads of people from MI if you wanna import us. or I got 2 conversion vans that can seat plenty =]

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    I like this idea why dont you setup a meetup page so we can all sign up.

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    If this thing is going to be HUGE !! I mean 30,000 people HUGE, I will go. =)
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    Thanks for the support

    Hi everyone, thanks for all the great comments. I was away from my computer all day working on this. We accomplished a lot so far;

    1) Met with one of the big hotel chains in vegas about venue space...
    2) Met with someone who has several leads on some killer entertainment for Paul-a-palooza Sat. night.
    3) Met with someone on alternative housing for those that can't afford hotels.

    This is happening. Please get the word out...we'll get a better site up soon. Hotel space looks favorable, and I can block out rooms for attendees of the event. Airfare is looking good right now.

    I want Ron Paul to come. I still have to chat with the campaign, but I would say if we can get enough people, and you demand it, anything is possible.

    Can you imagine it? Supporter-Bomb! Thousands of Ron Paul people invade Las Vegas!

    We'll get a site up or ticketing soon at
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    We got married in a helicopter in Vegas over the strip. I can't wait to go back!

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    Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Vacation in Vegas while supporting Ron Paul. Will the bunny ranch be there? j/k

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    bump because I know how hard it is to get the ball rolling.

    I support this idea. Cali roll call here;

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    Graphics for website

    I would prefer to use grassroots graphics for the website. If some of you that are more experienced with ron paul forums could get a thread going for graphics or website design submissions I would really appreciate. I want to get something better up as soon as possible, but I am super busy with other logistics.

    If we can't get it done here, I will hire a las vegas firm to do it....

    the domain is

    also please digg and talk this up at these links, and repost wherever you think wise. We need to start getting people thinking about this ASAP so they keep the weekend clear and start making travel plans. I heard San Diego is already talking about chartering a bus. as_Vegas
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    Here is the email contact for this event:

    Please send me links to any forums that pop up regarding it, or to send me graphics. If this thing gets huge, remember I won't be able to answer email all day, so please be patient...

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    I'll be there, coming from Wisconsin !

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    Wow Cali. Your quick! I like . I'm not talented in the old graphic department but here's an idea someone else might want to try:

    A slot machine with RP's face(s) on the payline and the other candidates faces on the loser lines. The machine can be called the Paul-A-Palooza Machine.

    There might even be some animated, customizable slot machine graphics out there to do this

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    Great Job Cali4RonPaul

    As soon as we saw it in the office we started cheering. And I rarely cheer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Top-Secret View Post
    As soon as we saw it in the office we started cheering. And I rarely cheer
    I will see if i can get some youtube videos. the cali guys have been talking about going to vegas to help you guys out for a long time now.. many of us are in iowa currently..

    It sure is hard to get peoples attention on these boards, i will help out where i can..

    Good luck with your project it has my support.

    I will spread the word among the cali meetup groups..

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    Thank you

    Thank you so much...we put up the image on the Las Vegas Meet Up Calendar

    Monday morning I am going to get hit hard with bids coming in and logistics. I am going to try to stay on my computer as much as possible. But with just a little bit of help, like what you've already done will get this thing going. Once people trust it's going to happen, we'll get an amazing amount of help from the community.
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    sounds like lotsa fun! Hope this takes off. Central Cali will be there.

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    This is a great idea. I hope you draw a huge crowd.
    Stay focused on positive fund raising ideas.
    Remind folks to register and actually vote in the primaries. Their support is great, their vote is what counts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyphilter View Post
    I can get bus loads of people from MI if you wanna import us. or I got 2 conversion vans that can seat plenty =]
    That close to the Michigan primary, you would bring busloads of Ron Paul supporters to Las Vegas? Are you insane? We need Michigan. Stay where you are.

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    Is there a meetup page for this?

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    Las Vegas Meet Up

    The event is on the Las Vegas Meet Up calendar:

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