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Thread: Lets start spreading the word!

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    Lets start spreading the word!

    Lets start spreading the word far and wide about this money bomb!

    It is critical we reach 20 million on Dec. 31st!

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    I figure he has about 500k to add in

    for offlines before the end of year so we need 1 million or so. 1/4 million will float in from now to the last days and we need to subsidize the rest. Somewhere between 750k to maybe 1 million on the 31st will be needed. I suspect the add ons for offline will be held from the total til the last day. And I suspect an email will be forthcoming to detail the need to rock their world and make 20 million by the end. Probably no need for a money bomb. He'll probably put the quill back out.

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