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Thread: - take it to the streets Dec 31, 2007!

  1. #1 - take it to the streets Dec 31, 2007!

    Imagine thousands of Ron Paul supporters marching at the same time in every major city in the world!

    The R[3VOL]UTION is just getting started. We have shown the media that we can raise more money than any candidate in history. Now it is time to show them, in person, just how many people this movement unites! What better way to show your support for Ron Paul than to march through the streets with fellow Ron Paul supporters? Join us this New Year's Eve and pledge to march in a major city near you!

    We need your help spreading the word and getting other people to pledge as well. The more pledges there are, the more inspired people will be to show up. There will be tons of people flocking to these cities for New Year's Eve, so this is a great time to reach a huge audience!

    Please send an email to your meetup group to ask them to pledge today.

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    I need graphics desperately and I'm poor at it.

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    Totally Agree!!!!

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