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Thread: RON PAUL wins GOP straw poll in SOUTH CAROLINA !! Go RON !

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    Damn that writer is wrong on so many points! We need to send some correction emails, isolationism?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mavtek View Post
    Damn that writer is wrong on so many points! We need to send some correction emails, isolationism?
    Needs to add non-interventionism to his vocabulary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N13 View Post
    Needs to add non-interventionism to his vocabulary.
    The Truth about Ron Paul
    Please check it out...."Like" and "Share"
    This page is vying for the 1st page of google if they look up "the truth about ron paul"

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    Talking Nice!!!!!!!!!!

    Many supporters replied to the author of

    over the "isolationism" remark. I emailed him with "John McCain made the same mistake at a debate, so you're not alone "

    Here's his admirable response to most of those who emailed him (please take note of last paragraph):


    Thank you all for taking the time to e-mail concerning my "isolationism
    vs non-intervention" mistake. (Extra thanks to the the majority of you
    who remained cordial/forgiving in their communications).

    I certainly apologize, please believe me when I tell you it was an
    accidental oversight that occurred on deadline and nothing more. Rest
    assured that, at the least, there will be a correction in tomorrow's

    I went to bed last night fearing that I might have made a small
    oversight somewhere in regards to Congressman Paul's positions (which,
    admittedly, I am still learning about), and I was confident if that was
    the case my inbox would reflect it in the morning. I am certainly
    impressed by your quick responses.

    When my editor returns from a meeting, I will be pitching a story
    concerning my mistake and all of your responses. If any of you are
    game, please let me know and I will e-mail you a list of questions for
    the article. (You are welcome to call me at the office 803-644-****,
    but in reality I think e-mail (jvoorhees (at) aikenstandard (dot) com)
    would be more fitting given the nature of the topic.)

    On more point that I feel obligated to make to those that took a rather
    harsher stance concerning my reporting, my paper and my children (which
    I have none, by the way): Please continue to e-mail myself or any
    other reporter with corrections or comments on articles, however if you
    are in fact seeking to advance the nation's public discourse, I
    encourage you to take a slightly softer touch and pause to consider
    that personal attacks do little to prove political points.

    Thanks again,

    Josh Voorhees
    Staff writer
    Aiken Standard
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    Ron Paul - President '08
    Party Change Deadlines!
    "Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better." -Martin Luther King

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    He published the phone number?

    Ohh dear....

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    I don't know who threatens these people's children just because they misreport on a couple of Ron's positions sincerely, but they are psychos who need to get themselves help before they hurt someone.

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    He sounds very honorable, people should not get to personal attacks however, that is shameful
    No one reads signatures.

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    The GOP chairman wasn't a douche about it! Hooray!

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    So there are still journalists with integrity in this world.......

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    Default Find the harsh responders

    What we need to do is find the people who send harsh words in cases like that.
    We need to find their email addresses, phone #'s and names.

    THEY are a bigger problem than some reporter.
    If they don't send polite contrite apologies ... we need to fill their in-boxes.

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