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Thread: Suggestions for time allotment and date

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    Suggestions for time allotment and date

    How long do we wish to run the program?

    Pending total cost of course but ideally how many hours and what day?

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    How much time will depend on cost. We need to get some price estimates before we can make a reasonable decision. I think we want to maximize viewer-minutes (audience * air time).

    Saturday is normally the worst TV day of the week. So maybe Sunday, when people tend to be home from work. Close to Super Tuesday would be good, but Not SuperBowl Sunday -- we don't want to compete with that. We also want the campaign to have time to be able to put the money raised to good use. Maybe a couple of weeks before?

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    Jan 21 if we can get it going in time sounds good to me. Allot of people will have the day off and its a Monday so it would cost less. Problem with Monday is that most people don't have MLK day off and if we wait until afternoon loads of competition and greater expense possibley.
    Sundays are bad until 2pm for church but again not much on TV Sundays and almost everyone has that day off.
    I think Saturday would probably be better than Sunday. No earlier than 11am because its the day everyone sleeps in late. Just make sure its not on during NFL divisional championships.

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