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Thread: New Years Revolution 08 needs your help

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    Exclamation New Years Revolution 08 needs your help


    We have gotten through the planning stages of the "new years revolution" which is going to be the largest donation day to date. All ron paul meet up groups MUST be made aware so we can show the mass media that we are here to voice our opinion with or without them.

    January 1st needs to stand for the day that "we the people" showed the powers that be that WE are taking back our country.

    We need everyone in their local meetup groups to get the word out about the site as well as the date in general. Remember any news coverage for new years parties need to have RON PAUL supporters there as well.

    We will start the new year off in a way that has never been seen before instead of simply ending this year off with a bang.

    Why have a new years resolution which you will put off anyways when you can join the new years revolution.


    1. send out a message to your local ron paul meetup groups so everyone knows the date, the site and why this MUST be done.
    2. youtube comments EVERYWHERE so our voice does get heard with or without the news media
    3. banners, images, designs for the site
    4. myspace bulletins sent out to your friends list with the intention of getting them to repost it as well.

    We will win this fight so lets start the New Year off right and take it back!
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    We need people to create banners so others can copy/paste them everywhere and get the word out about the next money bomb that we are all doing January 1st.

    The site is going to be redesigned throughout the next couple days HOWEVER we want creative banners that are not bound by the design or new design of the site.

    What we are looking for is banners or images that SPEAK to you and get YOUR views of why we need Ron Paul. Since the main reason and purpose for our fight for freedom is so we as independent people can have the right to CHOICE and freedom as they were written for us.

    If you have a banner idea that you want to do you can post your banner design right here for people to use.

    All that is needed is it to have the main url showing so people know that it is for the money bomb we are all focusing on.

    The url would of course be--

    What we have come up with and many like is a couple catch phrase ideas BUT by all means create your own as well if you would like.

    "Why choose a new years resolution when you can join a new years revolution"
    "Finally a new years resolution Americans will not put off"
    "You can quit smoking next year, this year however join the revolution"

    As you can see there is a basis behind the idea as our new years resolution is to change the nation which inturn WILL change the world.

    Since there were some copy cat style issues with the tea party there will be ZERO email newsletter, contact information or anything on the site itself. The only links that will lead to donations will be to the actual "secure https:" donation page on

    Why people try and mess with us, I still am not sure BUT we are in a fight that we all know WE ARE WINNING!

    If you want to submit anything else besides banners then by all means post your ideas and additions in this thread here. Animated and static banners are ok HOWEVER we are not going to allow any java,flash and so forth as that once again COULD lead to a security issue as well as server lag.

    If you cannot do any banner, image design ideas then make sure to post the "new years revolution" link everywhere that you know will be a Ron Paul supporter.

    We have set the donation amount at $101.08 to go with the Jan 1st 08 Date itself and I think we can set some solid records for the FIRST day of the year!

    Any banner idea, image idea will be put on the webpage so don't feel as though your contribution will not be used as input. We the people are getting this man elected so it is a group effort on all fronts.
    Support Marijuana Legalization WORLDWIDE

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