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Thread: Ron Paul Infomercial - Crazy, but read...

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    Ron Paul Infomercial - Crazy, but read...

    I wanted to throw out one idea for you. By now, you know that a "conversion" to become a Ron Paul supporter takes time and involvement with the issues. Most people do not become supporters affter hearing the message once. The good news is: once someone becomes a supporter, they are unlikely to change their minds. Attrition is low among supporters.

    It is that assumption that gave me the idea to try using late night television to purchase time at a cheaper rate and to create longer infomercials rather than the standard campaign ad. It will give people time to get involved with the message and the candidate. And it can be highly targeted...

    Just an idea.


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    Search. This has been discussed and it appears the campaign is doing this themselves. See this:
    Get Free Political Blogs about the best Candidate- Ron Paul or Email :

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    Re: Paul infomercial

    Thanks for the link. I heard frmo people on the campaign that they are pursuing it as well. I think it could be a good idea. I'm keeping my fingers crossed

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