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Thread: President Kamala?

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    President Kamala?

    President Kamala?

    The mainstream media that had been telling us for three years that Joe Biden is perfectly fine, has turned on a dime and tossed him under the bus. Now they are all in for a Kamala Harris candidacy. Is this a winning strategy? Would anyone pop popcorn for a Kamala/Donald debate? Also today, two new polls show Europe is tiring of "Project Ukraine."
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    In the event Kamala becomes president due to Biden dying in office, she'll most likely just finish the rest of Biden's term and stay out of the election.
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    if the politburo of the party manages to "convince" Biden to step down.

    seems the old man is so far gone that its kinda hard to reason with him on this issue...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post
    The Democrats "Are Running" Kamala Harris | Part Of The Problem 1140
    {Dave Smith | 09 July 2024}

    On this episode of Part Of The Problem, Dave takes a look at the media talking about getting Joe Biden out and Kamala in.

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