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Thread: Kansas Sues Pfizer Over Bogus Vax Claims

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    Kansas Sues Pfizer Over Bogus Vax Claims

    Kansas Sues Pfizer Over Bogus Vax Claims

    Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach has filed a lawsuit against the Big Pharma heavyweight Pfizer over alleged false claims by the company over the safety and effectiveness of its mRNA Covid-19 shot. Are the floodgates about to open? Also today: the US Surgeon General wants to put cigarette-like warning labels on social media...for the children!
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    THREAD: Kansas Sues Pfizer

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    Every AG in all 50 states should be doing this. Sue them into oblivion and make them pay an even bigger fine than they did back in 09.
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    During all of this, especially at the beginning, people were chanting and cheering how safe and effective the vax was and trusted politicians and government enough to get it. It is alarming that now after all that has happened, the same exercise is being repeated again, this time at the state level in regard to "one-size-fits-all" state-dictated religion.

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