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Thread: New polling: Biden up two over Trump

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    New polling: Biden up two over Trump

    Fox News Poll: Three-point shift in Biden-Trump matchup since May

    32% give the economy positive marks, a record-high during Bidenís presidency
    Dana Blanton By Dana Blanton Fox News
    Published June 19, 2024 6:00pm EDT

    President Biden is the frontrunner in a hypothetical matchup against former President Trump for the first time since October, as positive views of the economy inch up ó hitting their highest level thus far in the Biden presidency, according to a new Fox News national survey.

    Since May, there was a 3-point change in the presidential race. Trump was ahead by 1 point last month, while Biden is up by 2 points today: 50%-48%. Thatís well within the margin of error.
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    The only thing HIGH is the people writing their report, because it sure as $#@! isnt Main Street saying the economy is doing great.

    And they also omitted some additional facts.

    In this New Poll, they ONLY polled Biden supporters, and excluded any people they thought might have supported Trump. So, of Biden supporters, 100% of Biden supporters apparently think that Biden is doing a good job and want to support Biden.

    That is CIRCULAR LOGIC within their poll. In a poll of people who think water is wet, they polled some water to ask water if water thought water is wet and 100% of water thinks water is wet. But they did not bother to poll anything that was dry, like, you know, a desert?

    This is how POLL MANIPULATIONS work. They do not ask questions in such a manner as to allow the person to have a good reflection of their opinions. They ask LEADING questions. How good of a job do you think Biden is doing with the economy? They do NOT ask "is Biden doing a good job". Leading questions result in misrepresented polling results.

    Anyone remember an old Penn and Teller BULL$#@! about the Pollster FRANK LUNTZ? $#@! you Frank? Anyone remember that?

    For the record, their own Margin of Error is closer to 100% rather than what they tell you it is.
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