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Thread: Tupperware Announces Closure of Last U.S. Factory, Moves Production to Mexico

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    Tupperware Announces Closure of Last U.S. Factory, Moves Production to Mexico

    Tupperware Announces Closure of Last U.S. Factory, Moves Production to Mexico

    OLIVIA RONDEAU 15 Jun 2024

    American kitchen product company Tupperware is shutting down its last U.S. factory and moving production to Mexico amid financial troubles.

    The plasticware brand is set to lay off nearly 150 Hemingway, South Carolina, factory workers beginning on September 28 and going until the plant’s permanent closure on January 14, 2025, a local NBC station reported.

    Tupperware Brands told the outlet that, while some eligible employees will be offered severance packages and early retirement, the company is trying to connect other laid-off workers with local businesses at a job fair.

    “It’s important to note this decision is not a reflection of the performance of the Hemingway [team],” a company representative said. “We appreciate each of our valued team members and the many years of service they have dedicated to our salesforce and to the company.”

    The 78-year-old company, which popularized multi-level marketing sales by recruiting housewives to sell its food containers and other products at parties, is planning to “take advantage of cheaper wages in Mexico,” the Daily Mail reported.

    Production is being moved to Lerma, about 35 miles west of Mexico City.
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    How many engineers did Tupperware lay off in the US?

    What was the last innovation that Tupperware introduced, and when?

    Just honest capitalist questions. A patent only lasts for 20 years before it becomes public domain. If US companies don't set up production in Mexico using those expired patents, then China and India will set up production in their own countries (where labor costs are even less dear). What we should have done is set up some US tariffs on Chinese, Indian and Mexican Tupperware-like products. That would have kept Tupperware competitive in a worldwide market ... NOT.

    Tupperware was introduced in the 1940's. They started branching out to cookware in the 1990's. Nowadays, there's concern about microplastics. If you're concerned about carbon nanotubes in your vaccines, then surely you're concerned about micro-plastics in your cookware and food storage - because there's a lot more evidence for the microplastics than there is for the carbon nanotubes. Maybe US companies ought to be doing some innovation with ceramics instead of plastics. Afterall, innovation is what keeps the US ahead of the rest of the world - not factory production. I guess that makes me a globalist, eh?

    If you're not innovating, then you're stagnating, and your competitors will surpass you. Also, if you're a worker bee with third world skills, don't expect to be paid first world wages.

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    Just checked my kitchen cabinets, and I found one single Tupperware container that someone used to send leftovers home with me almost 20 years ago. I think that was the only time it's been used. I should probably throw it out - it's from before 2010 (prior to when they stopped using BPA in their products). I tend to use Pyrex glass storage containers. Granted, they have plastic lids, but the parts that come in contact with stored food are glass - and they go from the fridge to the microwave without any fears of plastic deterioration.
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