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Thread: Ben Swann on Jimmy Dore : Overwhelming evidence that Israel was in on Oct 7

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    Ben Swann on Jimmy Dore : Overwhelming evidence that Israel was in on Oct 7

    Yeah.....I already know this by reading MSM reports that

    1. Israel had the Hamas plans for over a year.
    2. Egyptian intelligence warned Israel that a Hamas attack was immient right before Oct 7.
    3. U.S. intelligence warned Israel that a Hamas attack was imminent right before Oct. 7.
    4. ISRAELI intelligence warned Israel that a Hamas attack was imminent right before Oct 7th.
    5. Yet, for no explainable reason, Netanyahu movved the IDF north AWAY from Hamas to supposedly face off against Hezbollah.
    6. Oh, and the former head of the Iraeli intelligence agency Shin Bet said that Netanyahu propped up Hamas as a counterbalance to the Palestinain Authority as a was to thwart a Palestinian state.

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    After all, the government of Israel created Hamas. And losing control of their stuff generally isn't their style.
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    I figured out by Oct 8th that Israel must have known the attack was coming and let it happen. They probably figured it was worth sacrificing a thousand or so people to justify smashing the Palestinians the way that they are. Pretty gross to think about.
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    Jimmy Dore is the absolute best in the political comedy field right now.

    Perhaps the best in the real news business as well.

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    In other words, October 7th was an inside job, just like 9/11.
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    My question remains...what incentives and encouragement did Hamas have to carry out this operation? Why would they think the attack would work out well for them? What did the Hamas leadership gain?

    Three of Hamas’ top leaders, Ismail Haniyeh, Moussa Abu Marzuk, and Khaled Mashal, are estimated to be worth a combined total of $11 billion.
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