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Thread: Massie Discusses Trump Trial and Congressional Hush Money

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    Massie Discusses Trump Trial and Congressional Hush Money

    Massie Discusses Trump Trial and Congressional Hush Money

    Is Congress's $17 million sexual misconduct hush money fund campaign finance violations?

    Rep. Thomas Massie highlights that Congress's hush money payments would be considered campaign finance violations under Alvin Bragg's novel theory used to target President Trump.

    "Congress has paid over $17 million in hush money for sexual misconduct inside of the offices in these buildings. And what's more, is that it was taxpayer money. The allegation is that President Trump paid $130,000 of his own money.

    But here in Congress, there might be some here on this dais who had the taxpayer pay for their sexual misconduct charges. And I do know that not a single penny of it has been turned in as a campaign finance expense."

    Former FEC Commissioner Trey Trainor explains that Alvin Bragg's novel interpretation of the law does not align with "normal campaign finance law."

    Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey points out that the Trump verdict will likely be overturned after the 2024 election, citing constitutional violations, due process issues, and prosecutorial misconduct.

    To which @RepThomasMassie responds, "The irony here is that this trial was all about trying to influence the [2024] election."
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