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Thread: Trump Criticizes Biden's "Crazy" EV Mandate, Pledges Policy Reversal

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    Trump Criticizes Biden's "Crazy" EV Mandate, Pledges Policy Reversal

    In a recent meeting with House Republicans, former President Donald Trump declared his intention to completely reverse President Joe Biden's electric vehicle (EV) policies if he is re-elected. Trump criticized the current administration's push towards battery-powered cars, describing the mandate as "crazy," according to Idaho Representative Russ Fulcher. He emphasized that, if given the opportunity, he would overturn Biden's EV policies entirely.

    Trump's remarks, delivered at the Capitol Hill Club, reflect his longstanding opposition to electric vehicles. He has consistently argued that EVs are ineffective and detrimental to American autoworkers, suggesting they primarily benefit countries like China and Mexico. Virginia Representative Morgan Griffith also highlighted Trump's sentiment, noting that Trump believes Biden is forcing Americans into buying electric cars, which he deems unreasonable.

    Trump's comments come amid legal challenges to one of Biden's key EV policies. On Thursday, oil and ethanol industry groups filed a lawsuit to block the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) new air-pollution limits, which they argue would compel automakers to increase their electric vehicle sales unlawfully.

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    I'd like to be allowed to buy an ICE vehicle after 2025 if needed or wanted.
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    EVs are impractical for Minnesota and any other state with long, cold winters. The batteries won’t last and it would be hard to plow snow.

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    That's a promise he'll probably be ordered to keep, since it's not sustainable anyway. A couple of populous states will mandate them, but this is still a good time to unload Tesla stock.

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