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Thread: US Congress Aims to Deepen Israel 'Anti-Tunnel' Defence Capabilities

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    US Congress Aims to Deepen Israel 'Anti-Tunnel' Defence Capabilities

    11 June 2024

    Congress is eyeing deepening cooperation between the US and Israeli militaries on tunnel fighting, as a result of the Hamas-led 7 October attacks on southern Israel.

    In a proposed amendment to the fiscal 2025 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a bipartisan group of lawmakers aim to improve cooperation between the United States and Israel on anti-tunnel defence capabilities.

    The legislation has been proposed by Republican Congressmen Joe Wilson, Don Bacon and Doug Lamborn, alongside Democrats Ruben Gallego, Brad Schneider and Seth Moulton.

    In addition to enhancing cooperation, the lawmakers are calling on the US to provide an additional $30m to Israel to detect, map and fight in underground tunnels. Last year the US provided $47.5m for the efforts.

    "Israel is an international leader in developing innovative defence technologies, including pioneering efforts to map, detect, destroy and maneuver through terror tunnels," the legislation says.

    "Such an increase in joint United States-Israel cooperation will not only benefit Israel but will also help the United States and allies across the globe that face similar challenges from subterranean tunnels."

    The NDAA is an annual piece of legislation that sets the budget for the Pentagon. The House of Representatives is slated to consider the amendment along with hundreds of others in the coming days, as is the Senate. A final version of the NDAA is passed by both bodies and signed into law by the US president.


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    This is of course directed at @TheTexan's proposed underground liberty city.
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    Should rename it the Putting More Palestinians in the Ground Act.

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    What a $#@!ing joke.

    The "Hamas" attack was a blatant false flag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
    This is of course directed at @TheTexan's proposed underground liberty city.
    When they call these "terror tunnels",,,

    I just want it more
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