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Thread: Costs per prisoner in each state:

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    Post Costs per prisoner in each state:

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    I don't think this stat by itself is a useful isolation. Costs due to administration and buildings, staff, etc, all that goes along with the system,
    those can APPEAR to be more costly PER PRISONER when in reality the total number of prisoners is much lower and that skews the number.

    For example - Texas has a per 100k pop / prisoner rate of 601, while Massachusetts is only 116. Therefore, the cost of an individual prisoner is artificially deflated when that stat is isolated. The whole cost of the system is divided among a mcuh larger prison population. Just simple division. There are more examples. 775 (LA), 859 (MS), AL (500), AZ (567). KY (561), etc. appear cheaper but for example New Jersey, another high-cost stat, is only 174, Rhode Island 152, New York 199, etc. Even California is only 319.
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    Hey, I have an idea...let's let them all out and ship them to Mexico and Cuba and Venezuela and Haiti and Congo and Ghana and Honduras.
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