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Thread: The history of government pension systems

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    There are a lot of half-truths and inconsistencies but overall it was ok up to the point where he claims Bismark 'nipped socialism in the butt (sic)' by implementing a social program.

    Wait, no - the bit about monasteries wasn't a half-truth, it was a full lie. I just had lunch at a monastery on Sunday, and we sat down, listened to readings for 15 minutes (no mealtime conversation!), and then a bell rang and everyone just got up, left everything where it was, and filed out because the meal was over. Someone was assigned to do *all* the cleanup afterward for a hundred people. And if you were like me, helping a disabled kid eat too, then you didn't get enough and that was tough. This has been the norm since the beginning and it's just one example of how monastery life is about the farthest thing from the rose-sniffing he portrayed it as. It's work, and a lot of it. And it absolutely does not stop at age 65 or 70 or even 100.
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