Inside RFK Jr.'s Political Bromance With Rand Paul

Joseph Simonson
May 28, 2024

Senator Rand Paul endorsed former President Donald Trump in both of the latterís presidential campaigns. Itís not clear if the Kentucky Republican will do so a third timeóand a budding friendship could explain why.

In recent months, Paul has cozied up to third-party presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a source familiar with the matter told the Washington Free Beacon. Kennedy has had several closed-door meetings in Paulís Senate office, and is advised by Paulís chief strategist and former chief of staff, Doug Stafford. Stafford also served as a senior adviser to Paulís failed 2016 presidential campaign and executive director of Paulís political action committee.

Kennedy's campaign has paid Stafford at least $30,000 for "campaign consulting," according to federal records.

Neither Stafford nor the Kennedy campaign responded to a request for comment.

Paul promised the Trump campaign an endorsement earlier this year, according to one individual familiar with the discussion. His failure to do so has become a source of frustration in Trumpís orbit and among Republican leaders pushing for a unified party ahead of Novemberís election, according to conversations with multiple senior GOP officials.

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