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Thread: So Much For 'Democracy' - Blinken OKs Ukraine Cancelling Elections

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    So Much For 'Democracy' - Blinken OKs Ukraine Cancelling Elections

    So Much For 'Democracy' - Blinken OKs Ukraine Cancelling Elections

    In between playing guitar in a nightclub and eating pizza in a Nazi-themed restaurant in Kiev, Secretary of State Antony Blinken took the time to justify Ukraine's cancellation of elections and the inevitable loss of democratic legitimacy of the Ukrainian government. This "war for democracy" thus is revealed as just a proxy war on Russia. Also today: The Gaza aid pier is about to go live, but may well lead to disaster. Finally, new documents show Biden's complicity in the horrors in Gaza.
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    How long until elections are cancelled here in the US?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti Globalist View Post
    How long until elections are cancelled here in the US?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    So Much For 'Democracy' - Blinken OKs Ukraine Cancelling Elections

    So basically Russia has won. I never thought I'd side with Russia on anything, given what those bastards did to my family, but here I am. Not really siding with them, I suppose, but certainly seeing things from their perspective. That the western Euros went for the nonsense doled by USA tells us something. I'm not sure they can be so bottomlessly stupid as to willingly go for this crap, given the last two disastrous wars. That leaves coercion in the form of "you will kowtow or we pull every penny for NATO and take our nukes and other materiel home. What's it gonna be?" An end to US NATO funding would spell the end of the EU as a neo-communist bloc, unless of course they were to choose not to maintain a military deterrent against Russia, in which case they either suck Putin's willie to evade his aggression, or Vlad marches in and takes it all, which I'm not convinced he'd do.

    One would hope Russia learned the lessons of their wild traipse into wholesale, ham-fisted stupidity during the soviet era. OTOH, one can never really be sure about such things where humans and political power come into question, so I suppose it's really all just a great big crap shoot.
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