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Thread: Judges gone wild (& other public officials, too)

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    Judges gone wild (& other public officials, too)

    Active Judge Indicted For 2 Drive-By-Shootings In 2 States | Facing Life
    {Nate The Lawyer | 17 May 2024}

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post
    Active Judge Indicted For 2 Drive-By-Shootings In 2 States | Facing Life
    {Nate The Lawyer | 17 May 2024}

    I wonder how many times this same judge convicted people based on shell casings....yet apparently he didn't know to recover his own shell casings. @Anti Federalist, yeah road rage people can get crazy. Best to let them be if you can.
    9/11 Thermate experiments

    Winston Churchhill on why the U.S. should have stayed OUT of World War I

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    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. No need to make it a superhighway.
    Quote Originally Posted by osan View Post
    The only way I see Trump as likely to affect any real change would be through martial law, and that has zero chances of success without strong buy-in by the JCS at the very minimum.

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    Power attracts, and power corrupts. Lucky he didn't say anything negative about LGBTQ+ people or something like that. Then he would have been fired!
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    Judge is a menace to society. Lock him up and throw away the key.
    Last edited by Anti Globalist; 05-20-2024 at 09:13 PM.
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    Judge Arrested On 16 Felony Counts & Facing 300 Years In Jail
    {Nate The Lawyer | 28 May 2024}

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    No Immunity For Judge Who Jailed Teens in Custody Dispute
    {Steve Lehto | 28 June 2023}

    The court of appeals agreed that the judge overstepped his bounds.

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    Crack Smoking Councilman & Mayor Arrested On Felony Charges | What's Going On?
    {Nate The Lawyer | 29 May 2024}

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