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Thread: Netherlands - Wilders government to set in place strictest immigrations controls in the West

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    Netherlands - Wilders government to set in place strictest immigrations controls in the West

    Bravo, maybe all is not lost.

    Then get to work deporting those already there.

    And stay strong for $#@!'s sake.

    The Marxists and the Small Hat Club are going to bombard you with threats, lawfare and propaganda of weeping mothers and children.

    Be Firm.

    Netherlands to Create ‘Strictest Migration System Ever’ as Populist Geert Wilders Forms Government

    OLIVER JJ LANE 16 May 2024

    The Netherlands will finally get the right wing government its people voted for, and some of the toughest border control in the Western World after veteran populist and Islam sceptic Geert Wilders got the agreement of coalition partners to form a cabinet.

    Geert Wilders, who has lived under strict round-the-clock police protection since 2004 over threats to his life by Islamists hailed the success of months-long negotiations between four right wing parties in the Netherlands to form a new government. “The sun will shine again in the Netherlands… The Netherlands will be ours again” he said in celebration of the development. The documents were presented to the Dutch King on Thursday afternoon.

    Wilders, a former Breitbart News guest columnist, led his party to become the largest in the Netherlands in an unprecedented shift at the national elections last November in a result that sent the establishment centre and left into a tailspin of despair, but fell short of enough seats to govern alone. He immediately entered negotiations with three other parties of the right but diverging views on the political facts of life saw talks break down several times, and concerns that attempts to form a government — and keep the left wing out — could fail.

    Now a major 26-page provisional agreement titled “Hope, Courage, and Pride” has been agreed by all four parties, and the task of actually forming a government and picking the cabinet will begin. Here already is one of the major compromises made by Dutch political veteran Geert Wilders, for after so long in the wilderness and now commanding the largest party in the country, he has had to surrender the chance to become Prime Minister himself to keep the other coalition partners happy.

    Remarkably, to get around this impasse and make the agreement fair to all four parties, none of them will send their own politicians into government. It appears the ministry positions and Prime Ministership will be held by ‘technocrats’ — non-politicians and typically academics and economists — who would implement the government programme as dictated by the four.

    Wilders has promised major reform on immigration, a priority area for his party and for others in the coalition, and the 26-page provisional document makes clear the enormous scope of change to the migration system envisioned, with laundry list of planned changes bullet-pointed. Laying out the ground for a programme that could make any pro-border control conservative envious, the document states in its preamble:

    … The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe with [rapid and persistent population growth caused by] migration, which puts pressure on housing, care, education and financial resources, and on social cohesion in our country… Concrete steps are being taken towards the strictest admission regime for asylum and the most comprehensive package to control migration ever. The entire asylum and migration system is being reformed…

    With this “strictest regime ever” and the entire migration system being rebuilt from the ground up, the conditions for those migrants and asylum seekers which do actually qualify to stay will be considerably improved, the coalition partners say. To achieve this, the government will announce an ‘asylum crisis’, allowing the use of special powers for two years including suspending the processing of asylum applications, what they call an “asylum decision freeze”, and deporting migrants with no residence permits, by force if necessary.

    The Netherlands will deter new arrivals, the incoming government says, by having the “strictest admission rules in Europe”, by housing arrivals in the most “austere facilities possible”, and by immediately deporting migrants found trying to cross the border without permission or without papers back to the other side.

    Administratively, the law would flip the present burden of proof required when deciding migration applications, so asylum seekers have to prove they have a right to be in the country, rather than the expectation being the state having to prove that they don’t. The appeals process will be truncated, and rules changed to deport “nuisance” makers, “criminal aliens”, and “undesirable” migrants more quickly. There will be “strict action against violence and nuisance” by asylum seekers who act against women, LGBT individuals, and Christians, they said.

    Asylum seekers are just a small part of the puzzle, however, and in common with many other European states — like the United Kingdom — they are dwarfed by legal migration, permitted by lax rules introduced by globalist, open borders governments. This would be tackled with a crackdown on job-visa migration, increasing the requirements on employers to not recruit for low-quality work, and holding employees responsible for migrant workers learning Dutch to a high standard.

    Similar moves are planned against misuse of education visas, and family or ‘chain’ migration to get overall arrivals down.

    Much more at link...
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    They might need to go after some "NGOs" as well that are bringing or supporting Migrants into Europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarriorLiberty View Post
    They might need to go after some "NGOs" as well that are bringing or supporting Migrants into Europe.
    The issue of going after NGOs is a dead-in-the-water-non-starter, it's simply not popular. "Papers please", "shoot to kill", anything involving right-wing-nut security [and possible/likely violence] is all the rage.

    I'm not saying that the Netherlands should ignore the problem, but if they were the least bit interested in solving the actual problem they would make defunding the NGOs the top priority before sinking money into anything else.

    It does seem that more countries are locking down to the point that freedom of travel is now an abhorrent right. So, get ready for that Globalist ID-Papers Please. Agenda 2030: Every man, woman and child on earth will be ID'd. That is why this very chaos is being created.
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    After 5 months a right-wing government has finally been formed! ����

    During the first press conference Wilders announced he’ll be introducing the “toughest immigration policy the nation has ever seen”.

    His party, the PVV, will govern with 3 other centrist and moderately right-wing parties.

    They reached an agreement that included the abolishment of indefinite asylum permits will be abolished. Another big promise is that asylum seekers who have been rejected will be "deported as much as possible, including by force." Also, status holders will no longer be given priority in the allocation of social housing. Automatic family reunification will also be scrapped.

    Furthermore, the government will “seek permission” from the European Commission to opt out from the European asylum and migration policy.

    With regards to the farmers: the government pledges to “pull out all the stops" to change the European directives targeting farmers.

    The coalition wants no forced shrinkage of livestock. Nor should there be any forced expropriation. However, they think there still should be “generous voluntary buyouts” and full commitment to innovation in agriculture.

    Other measures include lowering taxes, building 100.000 new houses per year, making childcare effectively free and many more.

    Of course, nothing in politics is ever perfect: For instance, we’ll continue to send support Ukraine and the government won’t deviate from the already established climate goals - but it is absolutely a huge step in the right direction.
    "Other measures include lowering taxes, building 100.000 new houses per year, making childcare effectively free and many more."

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